Horseback riding in India is a fabulous experience. Few places in the world offer the exotic charm and colorful pageantry of India’s Rajasthan. Itsfascinating culture is more ancient than Europe’s and the architectural achievements are unsurpassed. The incomparable Taj Mahal is incontestably the most famous building in the world. When Bayard Fox, founder of Equitours, first explored the possibilities of horseback riding in India over 20 years ago the concept of riding tours was entirely new there and, as is usually the case, the organization of the first trip was chaotic, but the tremendous potential was obvious. Bayard has returned a dozen times since, often bringing guests he had met at his Wyoming ranch, and the riding tours there have become some of the most smoothly run in the whole Equitours program.

The itineraries include justly famous tourist attractions in Delhi, Jaipur, and Udaipur, but the best way to visit the heart of this intriguing country is on horseback. The horses are Marwaris, which in former times were superb war horses, greatly prized by their owners. Now they make wonderful companions for an equestrian vacation and they take great pleasure in long, fast canters. The terrain is often excellent for making good time in the saddle following sandy trails with ideal footing for horses. Experienced guides provide a fund of information about Indian history and culture.

The palaces or castles where we stay have been converted to hold modern comforts without losing any of their ancient charm. The camping is luxurious as in the old days of the Raj. The service is outstanding and the food excellent. Age-old traditions still flourish, along with arts and crafts, and shopping opportunities are varied and irresistibly tempting withprices often a small fraction of those in the US.

In addition to the scheduled rides adventures listed, custom horseback riding trips can be arranged in the Rajasthan region from October through March for singles or small groups at very reasonable prices.

  Peak Season

January, February, November, December

  Quiet Season

March, October

  Timezone in India


  International Airports

Indira Gandhi International Airport (New Delhi)

Climate in India

The most comfortable time of year to ride is from October to March.  The temperatures begin to cool in October, and in March the warming begins, with mid-November to mid-February being the best time period.

  Average Temperature

90 °F » 45 °F


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We are still glowing from our amazing, glorious, magical adventure in India. Everything was perfect! Thank you again for your terrific advice and putting us in contact with the outfitter who we are enormously grateful to. Riding in India was, without the shadow of a doubt, the most wonderful and delightful riding... Read more  

John and Cathy Hyucke, 2014

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