The nation of Japan has long been a cultural leader, and today its modern influences are still entwined with ancient tradition. The island chain boasts a variety of ecological and cultural wonders, with active volcanoes and natural hot spring alongside timeworn castles and shrines. With a strong economy and despite a large population, the country has protected areas where lush greenery and cherry blossoms flourish, and open beaches along the ample coastline. Equestrian traditions are rooted in the military traditions of the Samurai; the traditional sport of Yabusame an example of the fusion of military and spiritual aspects demonstrated by equestrianism.  Today, a relaxing trail ride in the verdant national park land and along the coast is a perfect way to experience the country and culture.

  Peak Season


  Quiet Season

May, June, July , August, September, October

  Timezone in Japan


  International Airports

Osaka International Airport, Narita International (Tokyo),

Climate in Japan

The climate in this area is moderate, with warm weather expected for most of the year, with winter high temperatures rarely falling below 50*F. The approximately 71 inches of rainfall per year fall fairly evenly throughout the year, with slightly higher levels during the winter months and also the brief summer rainy season (tsuyu) during June and July. Temperatures start to rise during the beginning of the cherry blossom season at the end of March, reaching about 70* in May and topping out in the 90s* in July and August.

  Average Temperature

90 °F » 40 °F


Samurai Ride

Horseback riding has a long history in Japan, a fascinating land of ancient culture and diverse scenery. The landscape is particularly stunning during the spring cherry blossom season when the pink blooms blanket the lush greenery. This riding trip takes place on Kyushu island, the southwestern most of Japan’s main islands. The area is known for its active volcanoes,... Read more

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The Samurai Ride was such a great experience for us. We especially loved the guide, her father, and their entire operation at Kokopelli. Their operation was so well run and you could easily tell how much they each love what they do. We also enjoyed the second stable, though it was... Read more  

Forster, 2019

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Riding in Japan

Please enjoy these testimonials from the Samurai Ride. For those who want an inside experience in Japan this is the trip. Everything you do is part of getting to know a foreign culture. And there are things that you will do that you will not find that anyone else has ever done, and it’s fun!! There are no adequate words to appropriately describe cherry blossom time in Japan. You have to be there to really appreciate its significance and beauty. The country also sets the high water mark for cleanliness.... Read more

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