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Sosian Ranch


Camels have been part of the northern Kenyan landscape for hundreds of years and are kept as livestock for their milk and meat. Contrary to popular belief, if well looked after, camels can be very well tempered. Sosian’s camels are very friendly and at times overly affectionate! Camel riding is a fun activity and typically a ride lasts approximately 40 minutes or so, and allows you to see the bush from a great vantage point.During the colonial era a strong ranching industry was built on the Laikipia Plateau with enormous ranches of over 100,000 acres and herds numbering in the thousands. This ranching tradition carries on but has of course changed with the times. Now ranchers realize that the wildlife populations, once seen as competition for scarce grazing, are a huge asset with the rise of eco-tourism.

Sosian Ranch still raises cattle and sheep, but also works to encourage the return of wildlife and the ranch now boasts resident lion prides, leopard and the rare wild dog. This unique background makes Sosian Ranch an ideal location for a horse riding holiday in Kenya.

In addition to walking and game drives, Sosian is perfect for horseback and camel riding. The ranch has numerous trails of varying levels of difficulty, and a ready supply of well-trained horses. It is home to 18 horses and going for a ride is one of the most wonderful ways of blending into the bush and seeing wildlife.

You can get up close to the game, but also get away quickly if you need to! Not for complete beginners, but not to be missed by anyone keen on riding. Most of the horses are thoroughbreds and crosses, ranging from 14 hands to 16 hands and a combination of English saddles and Australian Stock saddles are used.

The lodge, a beautifully restored African ranch house, was built in the 1940s by Italian artisans. It accommodates up to fourteen people in the atmosphere of a private home. Four cottages lie in the tropical garden, each with its own private veranda.

Sosian is known for its delicous home cooked African safari food using as many local and fresh ingredients as possible, often home grown. There is a large organic vegetable garden onsite, providing all vegetables used in the cooking.

  • Overview:
    The horses are Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred cross that have been bred and raised on local ranches. They are accustomed to the wildlife and riding in the bush, and are well trained and fit. Traditional English and McClellan-type saddles are available; Snaffle bridles are utilized, although many of the horses neck rein.
  • Horse Breeds:
    Thoroughbreds, Somali Cross Ponies
  • Trip Pace:
    Flexible depending on ability
  • Tack:
    English saddles and a few Australian stock saddles
  • Weight limit:
    210 Ibs

This is a great destination for non-riding companions. Please have a look at the itinerary page for details.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

A Typical Day At Sosian Ranch

Early wake up at 6:30am with a cup of tea or coffee brought to your room.

After a quick light breakfast, an exhilarating ride through the ranch property with great views of the wildlife before the heat of the day sets in. Or, if you prefer, a morning game drive, stopping for a walk led by a professional guide, a chance to learn about tracking and the smaller details of the bush.

Picnic brunch on the side of the river, then return to the lodge to relax by the pool or siesta.

After tea an evening drive, or fishing expedition, sundowners on top of a hill overlooking miles of African wilderness followed by a night drive with a spotlight in search of leopard, porcupine and more exciting nocturnal animals.

Back at the lodge, a quick shower and then a 3 course dinner in the cozy dining room with an open fire.

The ranch offers the following activities:

Game Drives: unlimited, day and night
Games drives at Sosian are in open 4×4 Land Rovers with specially raised seats to allow the best wildlife viewing. Early mornings and later afternoons are the best times to go, as the wildlife is more active when its cooler. However, the middle of the day can be a wonderful time to find herds of elephant playing in the mud and cooling off in the river. Sosian has a diverse landscape and varying habitats, where you can expect to see elephant, buffalo, hippo, giraffe, zebra, antelope, lion, leopard and warthog to name a few. There is also over 350 species of birds on Sosian. Being a private conservancy they are also fortunate enough to be able to experience the bush and its nocturnal animals with a spot light at night. After sunset you can often encounter leopard, spotted and striped hyena, aardwolf, aardvark, porcupine, bush baby, hippos grazing out of water, buffalo, serval cat and other exciting species

Camel Treks: walk or ride
Camels have been part of the northern Kenyan landscape for hundreds of years and are kept as livestock for their milk and meat. Contrary to popular belief, if well looked after, camels can be very well tempered. Sosian’s camels are very friendly and at times overly affectionate! Camel riding is a fun activity and typically a ride lasts approximately 40 minutes or so, and allows you to see the bush from a great vantage point.

Fly Camping: bush dinner & a night under the stars
Bringing you closer to the bush and further from modern frills, fly camping in bedrolls under the stars is an adventurous experience. Dinner is eaten by the camp fire and most nights we drop off to sleep to the sounds of distant lion, hyena or leopard, and yet sleep better than we can ever remember…

Fishing and River Activities
Sosian is lucky to have 15km of the Ewaso Narok River running through it, with its magnificent 30ft high waterfalls. A highlight for some (who are brave enough!) is to jump off the waterfalls into the deep pool below. For others, swimming in the pools, or paddling in a kayak is most enjoyable. When the river is high enough, tubing down the rapids is another exhilarating way to spend the day on the river….or simply relax on the river bank with a fishing rod and see what you can catch for your dinner! A local expert and venture down to the river, or one of the pools below the waterfalls, or to one of the dams on Sosian Ranch. Tilapia, barbel and catfish are all common takers for worms or bait. Fly-fishing has also been tried and you are welcome to bring your own rod. There are spinning rods at Sosian for adults and children and it is a very popular way to spend a late afternoon, not only might you catch a fish or two but usually you will see an array of wildlife whilst you are fishing.

Cattle Ranching: dipping, branding and sorting
Cattle ranching in Laikipia is a long standing land use that is vitally important for the sustainability of this semi-arid area. When managed carefully, cattle ranching and wildlife conservation compliment each other and Sosian is a perfect example of how this can work. A morning spent with the ranch manager can offer a fascinating insight into how cattle and wildlife co-exist and also provide a fun and often hands on farming experience for all the family.

Cultural Traditions: visit a traditional Manyatta
Sosian is situated in a very culturally diverse area of northern Kenya, rich in traditions and largely untouched by western development. Guests are welcome to visit our neighbouring villages (or manyatta’s), to get a glimpse of these traditional ways of life. This is a fascinating and educational experience for all generations. Most of our neighbours are nomadic, moving with their livestock, to wherever the grass takes them, but with prior arrangement Sosian can normally organise a visit for our guests. The Samburu, Pokot & Turkana people are very welcoming and find our guests equally fascinating

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Trip Dates & Pricing

The lodge has a flexible schedule. "Seasons" reflect busy and quiet periods and do not refer to the weather or game numbers, which are consistent throughout the year.
Additional Pricing Information:
Special Pricing available for children ages 2-11 and teens ages 12-17. Please ask your ride consultant for details. Price includes conservation fees. Ride price is set, guaranteed, and final at the time deposit is paid.

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