The magical charm of the Emerald Isle makes Ireland an ideal destination for horseback riding. We have a wide variety of riding vacations from jumping to trail riding which have been well tested and proven over the years. Hundreds of our clients have enjoyed them. Few countries revere the horse as much as the Irish and horseback riding is deeply woven into the culture. The Irish usually like their American cousins anyhow, but a common love of horses adds an additional bond. Irish horses like the Connemara are world famous and much sought after.

The rural countryside with its stone walls, green fields and rolling hills is very pleasant to explore trail riding in company with a good horse. There are miles and miles of open beach which are ideal for a gallop and the horses always love it. Of course the rich history of the country is everywhere to be seen dating back to very early times of St. Patrick and before when Ireland saved our Western Civilization. Try to read Thomas Cahill’s wonderful book, “How the Irish Saved Civilization” before you go.

  Peak Season

May, June, July , August, September

  Quiet Season

January, February, March, April, October, November, December

  Timezone in Ireland

Western European Time Zone (GMT)

  International Airports

Dublin Airport (DUB), Shannon Airport (Irish: Aerfort na Sionainne) (SNN)

Climate in Ireland

Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle” for good reason; although it is never really cold or hot, it does rain frequently in all seasons. As the Irish say, “In the winter it is cool and damp and in the summer it is warm and damp”. This should not be a discouragement!  The Gulf Stream warms the island all year, resulting in a mild and pleasant temperature.

During the summer, temperatures during the day are a comfortable 60° to 70° on average, with July and August being the warmest months.  When it rains it is usually light drizzle of short duration, which does not interfere with riding as long as the proper raingear is worn.

  Average Temperature

70 °F » 38 °F


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Donegal from the Saddle

Dunfanaghy is a picturesque coastal village in the remote northwest of Ireland. offering fabulous unpopulated beaches for glorious gallops on willing Irish hunters and Connemaras. The congenial hotel, with... Read more

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Clew Bay Ride

The Clew Bay Ride is based out of Westport, an award winning town in County Mayo in western Ireland. Clew Bay is overlooked by Croagh Patrick, a holy mountain... Read more

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Aille Cross Country Trail

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The Clew Bay ride is a great way to experience authentic Ireland on horseback. The host, Padraic, is incredibly warm and extremely knowledgeable about both the area and his horses. He is great at tailoring the ride to suit your riding level and comfort. On the trail I saw the beautiful rolling... Read more  

Millard, May 2019

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