Traveler Reviews

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Kathrin Koonce, February 2020

I recently returned from Estancia Los Potreros in Argentina and my heart and head are still in the clouds! I took Hadley’s suggestion and am so very impressed with their ranch. The horses are sure-footed in this often rocky expanse, have good manners, soft mouths and are well trained. If asked… it would be impossible for me to choose a favorite mount. Their numerous dogs often joined uns on our treks and provided plenty of love upon our return. The landscape changed dramatically during our rides and flowers were in bloom. The various birds were aplenty, including hummingbirds. The delicious and varied meals were professionally prepared, including fresh bread baked every day. The staff (guides, gauchos, owners Kevin and Lou Beggs) have made every effort to know the guests from other countries. Thank you to you, Equitours and the Fox family for helping me plan this amazing adventure

Ferguson, 2019

Of all our ranch vacations, this one offered the most variety of terrains and rides. Every day a different surprise – Wind River and Absaroka ranges, Elk range, river canyons, volcanic ash hills, cattle driving, riding lessons, yoga, fly fishing, easy hikes to great scenery between rides, very well cared for horses, healthy but hearty meals with fresh veggies and wine, immaculate rustic cabins and excellent entertaining and knowledgeable hosts, the Fox family, attending to every detail. A total escape from the business stresses! This was the best ranch vacation we have had. So we’re going back again this year

Koonce, 2020

This was my second time dealing with Equitours – as expected, all was fantastic (horses, landscape, dining, cleanliness, activities). Your standards of excellence are unsurpassed

Mast, 2019

I’m pretty sure the Chateau is heaven. Not only is the countryside idyllic, the hotel and restaurant is OUTSTANDING – every meal included multiple courses of fresh, seasonal cooking featuring produce grown at the Chateau, local meats, cheese, and bread, and spot-on wine pairings. It is romantic, luxurious, decadent. The horses were well mannered, lively, and obviously well cared for. I was nervous about speaking limited French, but the staff and trainers were extremely accommodating… even gave me impromptu French lessons! Highly recommend as a couple’s retreat, even if one partner does not ride. It’s a lovely place to do nothing but relax and eat.

Marante, 2019

Our ride was one to remember. We felt like we were truly immersed in the region and had the “inside scoop” on places to visit, places to avoid, what to eat, and what to see. Most places we visited were free from tourists and street vendors, instead we met and spoke with wonderful locals.  We ate fantastic dishes in a variety of small villages, where we also dined with the locals. Our host was professional and easy going, he catered our trip to match our pace and style. We were able to enjoy sites of interest without fighting crowds or waiting in lines. He was a constant source of stories, facts, and knowledge about the region, and he actually inspired us to cook more when we came back home. This ride absolutely went beyond our expectations and we were constantly and pleasantly surprised at what the ride, itinerary, and our host had to offer. Wonderful ride and host! Thank you so much.

Temple, 2019

We had wonderful horses in both Botswana and South Africa- fit, sound and well trained. Food was amazing, way too much! Tents with attached showers and toilets were very comfortable. Staff was super attentive and helpful. The game in Botswana was brilliant- every day, we had elephants, zebra, giraffe, etc. We also saw lions and a cheetah while riding.  On the game drives, we also saw rhino, more leopards and cheetahs, and lions up close. The guide said August was a good time to go to see the big cats because the grass was low enough to spot them. Thanks for another great ride!

Schmitz, 2019

We have just returned from our 5-day ride.  We had a great time.  It met or exceeded all of our expectations with respect to the riding itself (our main reason for going) plus the associated fun that we had within the whole operation.  I was looking for an authentic riding experience and context for my grandson and myself, not a dude ranch, resort or spa-like setting that is more about leisure and pampering than horses and riding.  I will definitely consider returning again.

Pettingale, 2019

Many thanks for your help in arranging what was a wonderful ride in Tuscany. The Palio more than lived up to expectations and meeting Vittorio (another Italian instituion!) was equally memorable. We traveled to Siena a couple of days in advance to take in the atmosphere. It is a beautiful city and the Palio related activities were great fun. The quality of the rides we enjoyed in the second half of the week more than made up for the reduced number of riding days. Extended trots and long canters on lovely horses. The small fortified castello we stayed in is delightful and we got to cook our meal on the last night (by request!). We hope others will get the chance to experience the ride.

Gruber, May 2019

It was a wonderful ride in every way. Stefnir and Anita are the loveliest and hardest-working people I think I have ever met. They treat their beautiful horses with love and terrific care and attention. Their tack was in perfect condition. Stefnir answered endless questions about Iceland’s history, culture and geography. Anita spent time with us each afternoon following our ride. She is a fabulous cook and baker. Their adorable children visited us too. The accommodations were comfortable, clean and warm. The weather was sunny every day! Despite the sun, it was quite cold when riding. I’m glad I followed your suggestions re: packing. I wore long underwear, winter riding gloves, layers of shirts – synthetic and wool – a puffy jacket and a rain/ wind shell each day on the trail. All in all, a perfect “10”

Cayette, 2019

The entire staff at the stables was exceptional. They clearly care about their guests and horse and wanted us to be happy with the horse they had chosen for us for the week.

Foose, 2019

Donatella & Sadio were genuinely the most hospitable hosts I have ever encountered on any riding vacation anywhere in the world. You felt like family yet were treated like honored guests.

Forster, 2019

The Samurai Ride was such a great experience for us. We especially loved the guide, her father, and their entire operation at Kokopelli. Their operation was so well run and you could easily tell how much they each love what they do. We also enjoyed the second stable, though it was really hard to beat Kokopelli. The ride is one of our highlights from our extended trip in Japan. It was a very special experience in an extraordinary location.

Flukes, 2019

A horse riding holiday to Homoki Lodge is for people who want to connect with their environment while enjoying boutique quality country comfort accommodation with exceptional cuisine. Plus another layer of horse riding experience. I’ve done 20 horse riding holidays in 11 countries and Homoki Hungary offers something else. Another dimension for the discerning traveler.

Millard, May 2019

The Clew Bay ride is a great way to experience authentic Ireland on horseback. The host, Padraic, is incredibly warm and extremely knowledgeable about both the area and his horses. He is great at tailoring the ride to suit your riding level and comfort. On the trail I saw the beautiful rolling green hills Ireland is famous for, dotted with countless sheep and centuries old structures. There were also stunning views of Clew Bay and plenty of cantering on the beach. Westport is an incredibly charming town with lots of great places to eat and really friendly people. The Lurgan House bed & breakfast is very comfortable after a long day in the saddle.

Pastore, 2019

The guide was an excellent leader and host. While our hotels and meals were excellent, he also prepared picnic lunches that were 4-Star! The venue for the trip was both exciting and interesting, stopping to visit castles, chateaus, caves and villages of great historical importance in French history. It was an unforgettable trip

McDonald, 2019

The host runs her rides like a well-oiled machine. Safety for horse and rider are the number one priority. I look forward to riding with her again.

Fontanellaz, 2019

Our trail was just wonderful. Great horses, beautiful landscape, perfectly organized and very gentle and warm people – at the Country Hotel and during the ride. So we have no suggestions for improving something. And also thanks to Equitours for your professional support.

Berman, 2019

The guide is an amazing horsewoman and she kept everything organized and under control without making us feel like we were being watched. The taxi driver was a highlight of our trip with his funny stories and sense of humor. The cottage is comfortable and immaculate; more luxury than expected at a horse farm.

Aoki, 2019

Everyone had a great week and enjoyed it a lot. Great horses, guides and instructor with excellent knowledge. The beach and forest areas are good for canters. Rooms, foods were also excellent! When not riding there are Michelin restaurants and also very fresh sea food restaurants near by. The coast has blue clear Mediterranean for swimming and quite a few horse carnivals take place each year in Cagliari.

Krysil, 2018

We booked our 1st ride with you in 2006, finding you through on-line research. I have booked every trip through you since with the exception of one, which I will not make that mistake again. I thoroughly appreciate how professional, how streamlined Equitours is and how well you scout out the rides, the hosts, the guides, the horses. Top notch.

Manos, 2018

Loads of fun and a great adventure. The trip was even better than expected. Our accommodations and food were great and our horses were fit for their job plus safe and sane.

O'Connell, 2018

I felt the trip was better than advertised. Our guide is a genuinely nice person who clearly enjoys what he does. The trip was professionally organized, relaxed and not pretentious. The food and wine were excellent, likewise the accommodation. The horses were very well trained and cared for, they all could move. Rides started out understandably with some long walks, but as the horses (and riders) loosened up there was plenty of trotting and cantering (on our 3rd day one of the canters was about a mile long). We did get to gallop  (total blast) on the beach and on the way back from the beach. Tours of vineyards were truly excellent.and very informative. All the guides were clearly passionate about wine and generous with their time. There were multiple wine tastings and overall I felt it added another dimension to the trip. Very highly recommended.

Nicosia, 2018

This was one of the best experiences I have had. It was clear that the owners of this farm truly care for their beautiful horses, the environment, and the safety and enjoyment of their guests.

Preisler, 2018

This ride was terrific. The ride routes were very well chosen and gave us a great sense of the country. Scenery was lovely. The guide did an excellent job not only curating the rides but also the accommodations and the food. We were super happy with the trip and would highly recommend him as an outfitter to anyone.

Klenlger, 2018

Everything was as described with leisurely riding in lovely countryside on willing horses and then topped off with excellent food at lunch and dinner. All this was provided by a smiling and accommodating tour leader and staff.

Colburn, 2019

All the staff were so wonderful. I felt intimidated traveling to a country where I do not speak the language or know the local cultures, however the guide and everyone she had around her were so welcoming and warm, I immediately felt at home. From the moment she picked us up at the airport to the moment we said goodbye after breakfast, I felt like she had become a part of my family and I hers. She truly is a wonderful person, so caring, and so attentive to the needs of others from her guests to the horses to the staff. The horse I rode for most of the trip was amazing, I could not have been happier with this wonderful mare who took such good care of me the whole trip. She was a wonderful mount who instilled a lot of confidence in me, and who I was excited to ride even after hours and hours in the saddle. 100% would ride her again, and would buy her if I ever had the opportunity.

Farin, 2019

The guide really went the extra mile to help make our trip a success. Her attitude and personality were exceptional and they did a very good job accommodating all riders.

Komulainen, 2019

The trip was even better than I expected. The ride was absolutely amazing

Megan, Ride Consultant 2019

This is a new trip for Equitours, organized by a trusted outfitter in South America. We’re thrilled to be able to offer a riding experience in this exciting region, and look forward to sending our first guests in October, 2019.

Susan Mercer

Epona November 2018: Super trip! Fernando and team were terrific, accommodations were great, fun riding (dressage lessons and trail rides) and extra activities, excellent food. THANKS

Araya and Glazebrook, 2017

The trip was absolutely incredible. I can’t recommend this life-changing journey enough! Being a confident rider is important as there are long and fast gallops which was a huge part of the fun.

Dicus, 2018

Bernard and his assistant, Genevieve, provided an excellent vacation. The meals were excellent, evening events e.g. entertainment were fun. and rides a good variety of walk, trot, and canter. I appreciated their patience with me as a novice rider to insure I was able to succeed and be comfortable and safe in all paces.

Westcott, 2017

This was an excellent ride all around. The local staff members were outstanding and took good care of the guests and the horses.

Brooks, 2017

This riding experience was beyond our expectations – the host and hostess were so warm and welcoming. The accommodations were wonderful and their horses excellent. Of course the scenery and trails in that region of Chianti were breathtaking. But it was the exemplary atmosphere created by our hosts that made this week so special!! And the food and wine were amazing. I couldn’t give a higher score as there isn’t enough space here to properly thank them for this incredible experience.

Wenzel, 2018

I can’t say enough about our hosts, the care and quality of their horses and the lovely rides through the Tuscan beauty. The trails were varied and exhilarating. We rode by villas, castles, through the lovely wooded area of the area. The hosts supplied a villa apartment at the facilities that was so lovely that I could have stayed there permanently. I am a life time equestrian and I due to a back condition have not been able to ride for four years. The hosts accommodated me with shorter rides in walk when my back would no longer take the longer rides. We rode in the mornings and spent the afternoons exploring the medieval quaint towns of the area. This was a perfect experience. I would recommend this tour highly. It was so much fun.

Millbank, 2018

The trip was amazing! I had the best time! The horses were incredible, the route we took was beautiful and the pace of the ride was perfect. Julio was a great host and all of our guides were fantastic! Thank you

Otto, 2018

I have been on many riding trips around the world and the Nile Safari was special. The hosts and crew made every effort to make this trip memorable and pleasurable. From the moment we arrived, we felt cared for and cared about in such a way that other outfitters pale by comparison.This trip was faster than we expected with longer hours in the saddle. This was a big plus for us, and the performance of the horses was excellent.

Klimo, 2018

Nearly every time we come home from an Equitours ride, we say, “That was the best ride ever.” But our latest ride in Mozambique really truly was the best ever. Mandy and Patrick are not just superb horse people, they are charming and engaging people people who share their love of place with open hearts and a constant stream of colorful stories. The endless collected canters on the beach, the meanders through the bush, the ride to the red dunes, to the fishing village, to the fresh water lakes were distinctive and memorable experiences. And have I mentioned  reef diving, bird watching, and swimming with the horses in the Indian Ocean? It all added up to a perfect trip and a fabulous introduction to a country to which I am sure we be drawn irresistibly back.
Thanks to Equitours for showing us the way.

Naguski, 2018

This was the perfect trip.  We not only had great horses (once again I wanted to bring mine home), but Stefnir, Anita and Sarah were incredible, the landscape is awesome and our weather was close to perfect.  It could not have been better.
I just wish I’d done the 6 or 8 day trip!

Biggi Hayes, Ride consultant, 2017

What a fun exploratory ride to join. The horses were forward and gave their all to us on the riding days. The quaint accommodations in the towns we stayed at showed off some of the history of the area dating back to Colonial times. The food was fresh and plentiful and the coffee Colombia is famous for delicious. My eyes feasted on the verdant countryside we rode through.

Naydani, 2017

I had an absolutely perfect week riding these strong, eager, fit, friendly horses. Every aspect of the trip was truly perfect. This is definitely an adventurous trip for fit, experienced riders. I rode 5 different horses during our week, and each one was fantastic and unique – I loved them all, and was so happy to get to see beautiful Morocco from the backs of these amazing horses. The host is wonderful and it was such a pleasure to spend the week with her and her team. I can’t recommend this trip highly enough – it’s definitely my new favourite place to ride

Petersen, 2017

The outfitters run a first class operation. This is my third different riding vacation and in every area of this trip my expectations were met or surpassed. The Delta is an amazing place and the opportunity to explore it with a great international group of riders, under the supervision of professionals who are so knowledgeable and so committed was indeed a privilege. Life in the camp was comfortable, clean and welcoming. Guests are extremely well cared for by an amazing group of well trained staff. On the trail, the day is appropriately challenging yet safe, exciting, interesting and inspiring. Anyone in search of a first class adventure look no further.

Klengler, 2017

It was a wonderful ride with excellent horses and friendly, professional leader and staff. I can’t think of a thing to do to improve it.

Probasco, 2017

I brought my college-aged niece on this horseback riding trip and we both had an amazing week! The food was excellent, fresh, delicious, plentiful and accommodated special requests well. The owners made us feel like family, eating most dinners with us and serving up drinks after a day of riding. We felt well taken care of by our horses, sturdy endurance, mixed Quarter Horse/local stock, as we picked through the jungle trails which are sometimes muddy, steep, and covered by roots. We can’t say too many glowing comments about our guide, who is an expert horseman, combat medic, birder and tracker who knew every plant and tree, as well as Mayan history. The ranch’s accommodations, cabanos, are rustic, but clean and refreshed each day – including placement of beautiful flowers in the room/bathroom. Special requests, such as laundry services, a hankering for salsa one evening, a second stop at the local market to pick up a souvenir, were readily met. We loved hearing the sounds of the jungle at night and in the morning when the numerous bid awoke. We highly recommend this trip to others.

Megan, Ride consultant, 2017

We are excited to have a ride in Japan for the first time! Put together by a partner Japanese agent who has taken guests on rides all over the world, this ride is sure to offer a wonderful mixture of fine riding, fascinating sight-seeing, and authentic cuisine.

Megan, Ride consultant, 2017

We are very excited to be able to offer this new itinerary with one of the absolute best outfitters in Africa. They do an unbeatable job with all of their safaris, and so this option in the Okavango Delta, which is such a spectacular area, is sure to be an incredible combination.

Bergman, 2016

We had a super time. Good horses and perfect accommodations at Lurgan House.  The outfitter’s horses were sturdy and reliable. Padraic himself was super–very easy going and fun.  He was very knowledgeable about the area which I appreciated. He tried very hard to make our rides enjoyable and safe.  His helper, Audrey, was also very good. The pace and length of the trails was perfect–we always had time to do some exploring on our own.  Westport is a fun, friendly town. We always had good meals at the various pubs and restaurants.  I hated to leave and would come back again.  Five stars

Lynch, 2016

The whole experience was wonderful. The Chateau & surrounding countryside were beautiful, the room was very comfortable, the food was delicious and the horses were fantastic.They were well mannered, cooperative, trustworthy and calm, but still with plenty of energy and personality, and clearly very well cared for. My guide and all the staff at the Chateau were fantastic, helpful, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The trip was phenomenal, even better than I had expected. I’m already dreaming about my next trip with Equitours

Teddy, 2016

I am writing to say thank you for all your help coordinating our trip and also to praise the virtues of Monte Velho! The service was outstanding. I can’t say enough good things- they were excellent! There are limited rooms so it is very private, not touristy, and really caters to horse people. The meals are family style, which is fun, but there are also lots of different seating/lounging areas, so if you don’t want to be with the “group” you don’t have to, but if you’re there by yourself you also don’t have to feel alone. It’s truly lovely. The estate is everything that was promised and more. There is plenty to do, nice company, and the food was excellent. Diogo and Mariana are fabulous- they arranged everything for me and are easy to work with. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a relaxing equestrian vacation or dressage instruction; it is marvelous! We look forward to returning soon.

Kiefer, 2015

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had at Epona, participating in the Rafael Soto clinic.

 The horses were amazing, so kind and giving and responsive (and beautiful). They had schoolmasters for every level. And because the trainers, Cati, Vivi, Raul, and of course Rafael Soto, were so knowledgeable, the rate of learning was phenomenal! I learned more dressage in one week than I have learned in two years of lessons on my horse at home.

 And Epona is a magical place. Fernando and Jane made us feel like honored guests in their family. I actually had tears rolling down my cheeks as the plane flew away from the Seville airport!

Replogle, 2016

I took this trip with my 2 sons in October, 2016.  My sons are 33 and 29 years old.  They have been many places in the world but at the end they told me and anyone who asked that this trip was the best trip they have ever had.  The organization, horses and staff were the best.  Our guide did every thing he could to make sure his guest were happy and satisfied.  The accommodations and food were top notch.  And the wildlife, impossible to describe, as it was everything you could imagine and more.  My boys and I wish we were going back tomorrow.

Dacyshyn, 2016

The Mediterranean Trail was the most amazing trip of my life! The food! The horses! The ride! The guide!!!! The scenery and landscape is unforgettable! I couldn’t be more
happy! Truly a trip of a lifetime! So grateful for your help in choosing
this amazing vacation! I’m ready to plan my next one

Bullitt, 2016

Our vacation at Alcainca was absolutely fantastic. The horses were very well trained, George Mellroni was my teacher this time and he is a superb teacher.  The meals were delicious, the entire staff was always friendly and helpful, and my husband, who didn’t ride horses but cycled while I rode, also had a wonderful time.

Megan, Ride consultant 2016

This was a superb trip – the horses are well-cared for and fun to ride, the region is beautiful and interesting, and the lodge offers fantastic, unique accommodations, activities and food. I had so much fun here and I am looking forward to offering this ride

Megan, Ride consultant 2016

This is a new offering which we hope will appeal to a wide range of guests – riders of all levels, instructional or trail programs, and lovely, elegant accommodations in an interesting part of France.

Richardson, 2016

The portion of the trip to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas was its own special experience, which I would heartily recommend to everyone as a great extension in East Africa.

Biggi, ride consultant, 2015

The town of Westport is charming and friendly, with lovely accommodations and good local meals. I had such fun riding my Irish cob in the Crough Patrick area and for some great beach gallops! The guide has good local and equestrian knowledge and made sure I enjoyed all aspects of my stay. I’m sure this new ride in Ireland will be a great addition

Edwardson, 2015

The Star Crete Trail ride in Crete not only met, but exceeded my expectations. First, I can’t say enough good things about owners and my guide, as well as all of their staff. They ensured that everything was as seamless as possible, both in terms of food and accommodations (which I won’t focus on here, but which were fantastic – beautiful, rustic setting and amazing food) and in terms of all aspects of riding. The guide subtly ensured that riders were matched to their mounts, graduating us to different horses if riding ability was demonstrated. All of the horses are lovely, all have great personalities and are very clearly loved.  They work as hard as the owners and their staff (who I reiterate do an amazing job!), but they seem to enjoy it and have a good life – and plenty of rest at the end of the season. The stable is lovely and the outdoor ring has a spectacular view where lessons are offered locally or to visitors.Thank you to all at the stables and at Equitours for an awesome trip that gave me my horse fix (for now) – and ensured I will be looking to do another vacation like this again soon

Megan, Ride Consultant

This is a reintroduced itinerary from the same hosts as the Tuscan Villages & Vintages and Relaxed Tuscan Instruction programs. They are wonderfully hospitable and have lovely horses. This trip, including visits to Siena and to Florence, is sure to be a wonderful addition

Karine Te Tiele, 2015

I had a wonderful time on the ride. Willie and his gang were great and very welcoming, the horses brave and ready to go! We were very lucky with the weather, in fact, I think I’ve seen more rain since I’ve been back than in Ireland. The B&B was quite nice and the host were very kind. I hope to include more horse riding experiences in my future travels.

Henry, 2015

The guide and his assistant were both engaging, knowledgeable and accommodating. Their care for the horses as well as the guests proved to be selfless. They were a joy to spend the week with. The ride strikes a nice balance between good riding and some leisure time. The riding was very enjoyable; the pace was moderate but varied and the horses’ welfare was always considered.

Audrey Krause, Aug 2015

Rosie was very thoughtful in matching the rider to the appropriate horse. The horses and facilities were well kept and the daily rides were a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the trek through the Cairngorms to the Mar Lodge. She was very knowledgeable about our surroundings as well as local history. I would highly recommend this ride to my friends and acquaintances.

Ritchie, 2015

I had a great time with our hosts in Portugal in September. The horses were in beautiful condition and so solid in a range of challenging conditions.  Our host and his team went the extra mile to make us feel at home and they handled the details so everything went smoothly and our safety was protected.  Our guide and ground crew rode or drove the trails the night before so they were sure the path was passable, they coordinated with a team stop traffic when we had large roads with fast traffic to cross and they were mindful of our comfort throughout.  Professional from start to end. I will remember the great warmth from our host and guides, as well as the Lusitanos, and the beauty and generosity of Portugal and her country people that few tourists are likely to experience.   We found it everywhere. Thank you to the entire Equitours team for a horse vacation I’ll never forget. And now that I’ve done a point-to-point ride like this I wonder if there is really any other way to see another country and know its people!   Can’t wait for the next trip.

Biggi, ride consultant, 2015

This new and improved itinerary is offered by Maria Elena, with whom we have been working for many years for our rides in Spain. The rides she offers are superb: they have lovely and charming accommodations, wonderful food and forward and fit horses that are fun to ride. Clients always comment on her attention to detail and what a delight it is to ride with her, so this trip is sure to please as a way to experience classical Andalusia.

Leander, 2015

Just wanted to send my heartfelt thanks after having completed the Okavango Delta Riding safari. It was just excellent! Good horses, good people who really cared for the horses, wonderful nature and game viewing and on top of it all superb food!
What more can you ask for?

Felton, 2015

I just spent a week in Cornwall on an Equitours riding holiday, and I would highly recommend this way of seeing Cornwall and the English countryside to anyone who likes to horseback ride. We rode primarily on the Bodmin moor, which was green and beautiful with so many interesting sights. We rode past herds of wild moorland ponies, ancient standing stones, Neolithic stone hut circles, rivers, streams, and tors. I rode a lovely black cob, who was such a pleasure. In the evening, our group visited several pubs, which was a good way to soak up local color. Good food, too! We spent our last afternoon in Padstow, a little fishing village that was like something out of a picture book. I would like to give a shout out to my hosts; they could not have been more kind or accommodating. Also, a special thanks to our taxi driver, who was extremely dependable and always a good conversation! My one caveat is to bring plenty of warm clothing

Megan, ride consultant, 2015

This itinerary is a new offering from an outfitter we have known and loved for many years. His rides are consistently at the top of our most popular list due to his wonderful hospitality, horses and well-designed itineraries incorporating the French countryside, food and wine. This new route offers much of the same, with new luxury accommodations and meals.

Luce, 2015

The Willamette Coast ride was the best ride I have ever been on.  The guides were amazing in every way, the scenery was fabulous, great food, but most important were the fun riders from all over and the excellent horses.

John Chang, June 2015

We had an amazing time with Stefnir and Anita. They were terrific hosts. They were very thoughtful and caring about us and their horses! The itinerary was a perfect fit for a family like ours, novice and intermediate riders. It had the right blend of riding, hiking and sightseeing. The overall experience was very authentic and real. The food, the lodging and the hospitality. The horses were of great character and fitness. You can tell they enjoyed what they were doing when we went riding with them. Positively reciprocating the care they have received. The scenery and sights were breathtakingly beautiful. Stefnir’s local knowledge of South Iceland really added rich texture to the sightseeing. We would highly recommend this tour!! We would be very pleased to be a reference for Stefnir and Anita. Perfect 10

Megan, Ride Consultant 2014

The hosts are professional and friendly, very knowledgeable teachers who run a successful school year round. Their center is welcoming and is a lovely place to relax and explore. The horses were great; they felt safe and responsive. I was so impressed by the food served here – absolutely delicious! I loved visiting nearby Siena, which was endlessly interesting.

Sam Sargent 2015

Linda and I just experienced the most wonderful pack trip ever. We will always remember the scenery but our guides, Mel and Justin are the main topic when we discuss our Arizona trip. Our expectations were far surpassed. These two genuine cowboys when above and beyond to see to our enjoyment and comfort while in their care. I am sure they would view their behavior as “nothing special”, this just how they live and work.

Thank you so much for the fabulous trip, I have ridden in other remote and beautiful places but I have never felt so small against the landscape as I did in the Yukon.  The scenery is majestic and there is no better way to experience the peace or see the landscape and wildlife than on a horse.  It feeds the soul.

Owens, 2014

I have been on four trips with Equitours. I rely on you to recommend rides my daughter and I would recommend and you never disappoint. I love the fact that you have actually been on these trips and can give firsthand information about the experience.

Kronowitz, 2014

I have returned from the October Toscana Cucina Ride and was tempted to stay at the villa for the rest of my life. I have traveled the world, sometimes independently and sometimes on a riding vacation. This ride was no doubt the best vacation I have ever had on a horse ride or other kind of journey. I cannot say enough about the host; he is larger than life, has a welcoming and warm personality, and does everything to meet the guests’ preferences and needs. The staff was exceptional and the villa was the most beautiful place in which I have ever stayed. The food was extraordinary. The horses were well trained and well conditioned and the riding through Tuscan forests and small villages was splendid. The cooking classes were fun and this non-cook has even made some of the recipes on my return. Stargazing through his top of the line telescope with a local astronomer was an added treat. I have looked at and taken other Equitours trips, but I must admit I am tempted to take the same trip again before I sign up for another riding trip.

This is Heidi's first clinic at the ranch so this testimonial comes from a different venue.

This was probably the most informative and in depth clinic that I have ever participated in. I have found a new understanding of the relationship between my horse, my body and my riding.

Megan, Ride Consultant 2014

The stud farm that hosts this ride is home to some beautiful Lusitano horses who are highly trained in dressage. The trekking horses are also well trained and behaved, and the route is interesting, from one quinta, or farm, to the next. I thought this was such a cool glimpse into the authentic country life of this area that tourists typically don’t get to see.

Megan, Ride Consultant 2014

I loved the cultural spots along this route, like the bullfighting themed restaurant and authentic farms that served as accommodations. There some really special spots with beautiful views of the river valley and the hotel in Santarem was one of them. The Lusitano horses are so beautiful and well-trained.

Megan, Ride Consultant 2014

The inn that serves as the base for this ride is fabulous in its hospitality. I loved the gorgeous pool and the fact that the horses just hung out next to it with me. The riding, especially once you reach the coast, was beautiful and the cliff coastline reminded me of somewhere like Ireland. The picnic lunch on the rocky coast along the blue green waters was one of my favorite moments. The Anglo-Arabians were very fit and well behaved and made the fast, long canters lots of fun.

Megan, Ride Consultant 2014

The accommodations were amazing along this route. The first room I stayed in nearly took my breath away walking in, it was so serene and lovely. The grounds and hospitality matched, as did the food. The relaxed picnics along the ride were also delicious, relaxing, and well-organized. This all served to make the good riding all the more enjoyable

Megan, Ride Consultant 2014

The guide is wonderfully charismatic and so organized. The ride is usually fully booked, and the horses are so well behaved in their group. I loved the long canters! Although it was rainy while I was there the route and views were still great to ride through.

Megan, Ride Consultant 2014

The hosts do a wonderful job here creating an environment that makes you feel at home and also like a valued guest. The farm is in a beautiful location with wonderful views and fun trails. The farmhouse is authentic but also fully renovated and comfortable. I loved sitting by the pool and relaxing while watching the horses nearly as much as riding them! The food was delicious and I appreciated the commitment to sustainable, organic living.

E Bayliff, Oct 2014

I really enjoyed this ride. The sunrises and sunsets, the moonrises – the light out there is incredible. I loved that we were often the only people we would see from one end of the day to the other. Chapman’s Baobab, the ostrich’s, the birds, the wonderful African tress, the local cattle stations we passed along the way, the delightful meerkats, the friendly grooms- it all felt a lot more real than my experiences with the motorized safaris in the parks (amazing though such experiences were), and, as a result will stay in my memories longer. David is knowledgeable and professional and delights in surprising his guests. The accommodations are fabulous. I could ride in the tracks of Livingstone during the day but enjoy luxury at night! I would recommend this ride either at the beginning or at the end of a trip to Africa. It leaves one with a very real and lasting sense of connection with Botswana

Vedejs, 2014

Our host and the cook were just fantastic. The food and the hospitality were extraordinary and they were very helpful about suggesting interesting places to visit in the area. Everyone was helpful and made us feel very much at home, and the pool was delightful. We enjoyed the experience very much.

Lambach, 2014

Even after reading the glowing reviews of others prior to booking, my expectations for the Three Park Spectacular ride were vastly exceeded. The horses were so energetic, well-mannered, sure-footed, lively and sensible. We had the misfortune of being caught in a thunderstorm one afternoon , and the horses were not fazed by it at all. Looking back, it’s amazing to me that I did not see a single one of these fine horses shy during the week! The scenery was breathtaking, as so varied. We loved the gallops along the sandy river bottoms, wandering among the brightly colored red and yellow canyons, crossing rivers, climbing through the sagebrush and pine forests, seeing for miles and  miles atop the mountings surrounding Bryce and Zion, and finally looking down into the majestic Grand Canyon. It was indeed spectacular in every possible way

Schmall, 2014

The three of us that took this ride were very impressed with the ride itself, the accommodations, food, and with how we were treated as guests by the hosts!  It was a fabulous experience!!  The guides were terrific in providing instruction, the scenery was beautiful, and the horses were great.  What I really loved about this ride was the diversity of riding—3 days in the Coastal range (and each mountain we were on had something different about it), a day riding on the beach and in the water; and two days in the vineyard countryside .  The places we stayed were outstanding (best accommodations I have ever had on a ride) and we were taken to special restaurants for dinner.
For many reasons, I think this was THE BEST RIDE I have been on

Allison-Litton, 2014

I cannot imagine a more beautiful landscape, more delightful people or sounder horses than those I found in Mongolia. The terrain was almost perfectly unspoiled, varying from rocky mountains, pine forests, rushing streams and knee-deep swamps to vast expanses of grassland and wildflowers. My excellent bilingual guide was informative without being over-talkative so I could take in information at my own pace, and he patiently interpreted many long chats with the Tsaatan reindeer herders and Darkhad nomads in and around their homes. The horses could go for hours, dizzyingly fast if you asked them, never putting a foot wrong. The entire trip I felt completely safe, confident in the horsemen’s knowledge of the terrain and the horses’ good sense. For riders who can spend long hours in the saddle covering challenging terrain at a fast pace and who don’t mind tent camping with no plumbing for 11 nights, this opportunity to explore a stunning country among gracious, well-informed, hospitable people should not be missed.

Rice, 2014

The leader of this ride was absolutely and totally over the top – the “excellent” score doesn’t go high enough for her! She is an absolute natural at what she does. She effortlessly worked from the time her feet hit the ground in the morning until her head hit the pillow at night, always with a smile on her face and her skill for handling horses and 16 guests was 100%. I can’t say enough good things about her. Thank you so much for making this one of the best, or possibly, my favorite of the 7 rides I have been on.

Gioia, 2014

I had an incredible time at Epona. I seemed to have lucked out in being the only rider there that week, so all of my lessons were private. My riding improved ten-fold from my lessons with Vivi… I wish I could train with her all the time! And Rafael did not disappoint. It was a real treat to take a lesson from a rider I’ve admired since I started riding dressage ten years ago. I’m continuing to use the techniques they taught me on my own horse, I’m so glad I decided to take detailed notes at the end of each day. My riding had changed so much my poor horse didn’t know what to do with himself!
Thanks again for all of your help in arranging the trip, it was an unforgettable experience.

Faraday, 2014

Anna is a remarkable teacher.  She took a group of students with energy and horsemanship experience that ranged from none to extensive and wove together a 5-day program that was challenging and enriching for all of us.  To be taught by a world-class expert was a privilege.  To witness her skill as a horsewoman and a lightworker and her passion and commitment to both paths was in itself a magnificent lesson.  To do this in the spectacular Wyoming landscape surrounded by horses is an experience that is hard to match.

Fordyce-Boyer, 2014

Learning Reiki and horsemanship from Anna Twinney is an experience that a person will not soon forget.  Her patience, knowledge and willingness to share her many skills and experiences is outstanding.  Then, add in Bitterroot Ranch and it makes the whole experience even more rewarding!  A week of support and sharing in an environment that is pure delight for all your senses is a week that will remain as a highlight in my memories.  I am so glad that I made the decision to come to this clinic, it was certainly worth it.

Ford, 2014

Thanks so much for facilitating the riding trip in Ireland. I wanted to let you know that the trip was absolutely fabulous!! The horses were amazing and the ride organizer and his team did a great job with everything. I already have friends who have seen my pictures and want to go next summer!

May, 2014

The camp was very comfortable and the staff accommodating. The camp was right on the water, and we had a great view of the sunsets from our tent. The amazing aspect of the delta is the abundance of game on every ride. We had multiple close encounters with elephant, giraffe, and cape buffalo, along with run-ins with warthogs, hippos and a leopard. Our guide was an expert in tracking the game and getting us up close. Standing in the presence of wild elephants and running with a herd of giraffe are experiences we won’t forget.

May, 2014

Our time in Botswana was truly a unique experience. The camp was more elegant than expected. We anticipated fly camp-style accommodations, so we were pleasantly surprised. The staff at Kalahari was great, and the food was gourmet. The guide was a great host, a combination of English gentleman and African rough rider. I also appreciated his knowledge of the natural environment and history of the country along the Missionary Road. The horses were strong and fleet of foot, and generally high-spirited. We had exhilarating gallops across the grass lands and through acacia forests. Thanks for making our dream safari a reality.

Jean Warrior, 2014

The experiences and scenery of this trip will not be easily forgotten. The sounds of our horses’ hooves echoing through steep, narrow streets of so many tiny white-painted mountain towns, the bubbling village fountains where we and the horses drank cold spring water, and the melody of cowbells on all sides as we rode through a high mountain pasture are among the most vividly different from suburban life in the United States.

I would highly recommend this trip for persons who are FIT, both for riding and hiking. We mounted and dismounted on the trail many, many times each day, as well as walked up and down steep, rocky terrain leading horses.

If you do take this ride, you can be sure you will see sights and have experiences that are absolutely unique, enjoy excellent horses, and be very well looked after by the the guide, aka “the mountain gourmet.” Buen viaje

Jean Warrior, 2014

I cannot say enough good things about the trip outfitter and her string of wonderful, hardworking horses. These are well-schooled, sure-footed, trustworthy mounts who are eager to go to work each morning and are highly responsive to rein and leg cues. Although I don’t like heights, I can honestly say that I never had a moment of fear, thanks to the steadiness and experience of the horse entrusted to me for the week.

The guide is a competent, experienced tour leader and excellent  cook. She prepared amazing picnic lunches, always accompanied by local wine.

Robert Savarese, 2013

The Tuli Safari is an incredible adventure enabling equestrian enthusiasts to thoroughly appreciate spectacular landscape and a profusion of wildlife that is unique to the Tuli District of Botswana. Experiencing this majesty in a small group aboard willing horses under the guidance of personable and knowledgeable guides is unrivaled. The magic continues after dismount with evening game drives, spectacular sunsets savored from high vantage points, animated conversation over excellently prepared meals beside the fire, and culminating with the awe of gazing upon the majesty of the Southern Constellation before drifting off to sleep. This is a lifetime experience not to be missed.

George Richardson, 2014

My horse had a good strong walk, was comfortable and fit: perfect. Long gallops were a blast. While camping, the Milky way overhead was a halo on our piece of heaven. I wouldn’t change a single moment of our adventure.

Karen Burghart, 2014

I couldn’t fault this trip. I wouldn’t change anything if I did it again, although some parts are not for the faint-hearted. The hosts are an exceptional, inspirational family.

Barnes, 2014

The whole operation at Estancia los Potreros is first class and every horse is so fit and well-trailed and so agile. The gauchos, wranglers and all staff were extremely helpful and fun to be with.

Diane Robertson, 2014

We are unfortunately back from our incredible Belize trip. It was more than I could have ever imagined and would recommend this trip to everyone. The accommodations were above and beyond. The family truly takes you in and you feel welcomed and cared for. The quality of horses is top of the line for safety, comfort and fun. I learned so much about their country, the Eco systems, and the Belize way of life. We will be using your company again

The Bulags, Washington D.C.

The rooms are large by American standards and the attention to detail is superb.  This is truly a 5-star location and the lodging, food, activities, service and support will make you never want to leave.  If your bucket list includes a trip to Italy this should be the place you stay.

Judith Kellogg, 2011

The owner was amazing. He did all he could to make sure we had a good time. A consummate host who takes great pride in his fine stable and beautiful horses. First class operation! The rooms were simple, but fully adequate. The lodge where had meals is gorgeous

Maggie Driano, 2010

I cannot say enough good things about the Rainforest Adventure. The hosts were both wonderful – knowledgeable, friendly, fun and competent. They were always alert to riders and horses and the horses were amazing – well trained, responsive and fun! We loved every minute of it – from waking in the morning to setting down at night under the mosquito nets, it was the perfect balance of fun and relaxation. I would highly recommend this ride

Cheng Quah, 2009

Overall we had an absolutely fantastic experience, I would highly recommend Morocco to everyone! Nowhere else in the world can you ride these incredibly beautiful, spirited stallions, it’s truly a unique experience of a lifetime.

Jose Monsivais, 2010

The riding was expert level, riding a dream horse. Some of the fittest horses I have ever seen, rugged terrain, great for physical fitness and would love to do it again. After six days of riding not a single horse was lame, just fantastic! The horse-rider match was impeccable.

Melissa and Addie York, 2011

The opportunity to visit Peru in the hands of these hosts is an incredible trip of a lifetime. The trip is even more exciting than described – I should have been warned that I would want to move to Peru! It is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited, but I think these hosts could make any ride fun.

Pam Tavaglione, 2011

The horses are comfortable and easy to sit. I felt confident regarding their abilities on the trails. We always felt very well taken care of by the hosts, who are very welcoming.

James Powell, 2013

This was the best of four Equitours rides I have been on. An unforgettable experience, with superb horses, scenery, food.

John and Cathy Hyucke, 2014

We are still glowing from our amazing, glorious, magical adventure in India. Everything was perfect! Thank you again for your terrific advice and putting us in contact with the outfitter who we are enormously grateful to. Riding in India was, without the shadow of a doubt, the most wonderful and delightful riding trip we have ever been on. Everything was more than perfect! Horses were fabulous – Cathy was delighted how gently her Marwari treated her and Annie tried hard to pack her horse with us for the trip home. Canters in the soft sand were sublime and traveling throughout the small villages a beautiful experience. We especially loved the people we met and the places we stayed. The guide was positively the most fabulous person to be with both on horseback and beyond. A true gentleman, a fountain of information, and most pleasurable to be with.

Adrieene Soler, 2009

The gauchos and horses were excellent! There were lots of long canters and steep mountains.

Joylin Namie, 2008

The guide was very knowledgeable about flora and fauna in Patagonia. My horse was FANTASTIC! The terrain is not for beginners.

Sally Rice, 2013

The guide was wonderful. My horse was the best I’ve ridden yet – too nice a horse for a beginner. It was an easy ride with a very nice beach. The fruit at breakfast was fresh and good.

Jeannie Bunt, 2012

The Spirit of the Reindeer Herders Ride was our 5th Equitours trip overseas and they have all been amazing! This year in Mongolia was so far our most exotic adventure and once again far exceeded our expectations. Equitours does a great job of contracting with excellent tour companies and makes it so easy to arrange for all aspects of travel.  Our guide and her crew were SO fantastic! They became like family and were so VERY patient. Mongolia is beautiful and must have the most hospitable people on earth! We even got to see a wedding! The entire trip was perfect

Sally Rice, 2012

The Reindeer Herders trip was better than could be described! It was phenomenal! We started as a riding group and soon felt like we were a family – great people

Pamela Stewart

The organizer made the trip exceptional. The horses are well trained and exciting, the French food was wonderful and the accommodations were far above.

Kathy Moore, 2012

I love the unguided rides. Please arrange more of them! The trip was accurately described and couldn’t be improved upon.

Carolyn Krieg and Gene Tompkins, 2009

The organizers are a fantastic couple – incredible what they accomplish together. The meals are excellent with an amazing chef. It’s such an amazing locale and ride…can’t imagine improving it

Larry and Angela Iranbel, 2011

We had the most fabulous experience possible at the villa – wonderful place, wonderful people.

Kathann Seiler, 2013

The riding tour leaders were fabulous. The Redwoods Trip was fun, beautiful riding, would return to this trip in California sometime in the future! It was wonderful

Jackie Dietz, 2009

We loved every moment of riding! The guide is so knowledgeable, the horses so well-trained, and the facilities so good, we couldn’t have wanted more! The week was ideal for us. We were all beginners and the organizer took this into account and made the rides appropriate.

Marsha Elleston, 2011

The hosts were great! As an instructor, the owner is fabulous, one of the best teachers of best principles I’ve encountered. I went with my 11 year old niece and we were both engaged and really learning and having fun the whole time. The horses were lovingly cared for. When I mentioned the trainer’s name to friends 60 miles away, they said she is one of the most well-respected instructors in the region. I’m glad of that because her approach is wise and experienced and she herself is a highly skilled rider.

Gabrielle White, 2012

The instructor was great. She was extremely knowledgeable and was a really good teacher. It was good to get back to basics and improve simple techniques that made a huge difference in my riding. She explained things clearly and gave us an opportunity to work on any issues we had. Both of us in the group were more advanced, but based on my experience, I think she would be excellent with beginners as well.

Diana Davenport, 2012

The owner and her family made this one of the most special experiences in my life. The guides were fantastic. All the rides were gorgeous, the pubs were fun, they people were all so friendly. We just loved our stay on Dingle Peninsula.

Jordanna Kendrot, 2013

Everyone involved was fantastic, the other riders were welcoming and the horses were wonderful! The guide really brought us everywhere near Sligo, and didn’t mind slowing down/ changing the itinerary slightly when everyone realized they weren’t up for more galloping (we were, but we needed a breather!). It was lovely, and meeting up with other horseback riders from around the globe, in a new location, all of us experiencing new things, really was the cherry on top of everything. Thanks so much for helping me from start to finish

Debbie Kirsch, 2013

Equitours was tremendously helpful and prompt. We got our ride off quickly and without any trouble! The woman who ran the Equestrian Center was delightful and very organized. They were all ready for us upon arrival. We rode with several of the staff but mostly with one person, who  was FANTASTIC! This ride suited all levels of riders. We saw total beginners there being treated with utmost care, and we were on the advanced end of the spectrum and it held our attention completely. The ride provided so many high points and will be remembered

Caitlin Bacha, 2013

The cross-country instructor is amazing and confidence inspiring! All the instructors did a great job of catering to different levels as needed. So much fun

Jennifer Moorhead, 2006

The organizer had excellent expertise in matching us with appropriate horses, and the innkeepers at the Bed & Breakfasts on the trip were exceptionally friendly. It was perfect.

Janine Jaro, 2009

The days with the instructor were a blast…he evaluated everyone, we jumped all over the joint, galloped across the fields, herded cattle, went sightseeing on horseback, and frolicked all over the cross-country course at Dartfield. And then- the hunts on the alternate days! We were able to hang back or press on full speed ahead depending upon our horses and our individual ability. Six and 1/2 hours in the saddle was no joke…the horses were simply amazing…you cannot find horses like that in this country – they are simply another breed…

Kathryn Klein, June 2013

The guides in Gredos and Segovia are passionate about their horses, which were all exceptionally fit and well-trained– a pleasure to ride!

Our guide for the Gredos portion of the trip is, in addition to being an excellent horsewoman, a jovial and hospitable companion– fun, fun, fun to ride with and socialize with.

The Spanish countryside is lovely, replete with snow capped mountains and filled with wildflowers in June. In addition, riding through small villages was interesting– a unique way to get a sense of the history and continuity of the Spanish people.

The food throughout the entire trip–aperitifs in the morning, lunches and dinners–were, in addition to being delicious, incredible works of art–had to photograph every dish

Emily Buss 2013

The passing of these last months has only set into our minds how truly blessed we were to meet each of you and to spend that time in the beautiful Wyoming wilderness. We recount each day of that trip often, and at the end of our reminiscing it ends in a big smile of knowing that we are forever changed from that experience.

Kathryn Klein - September 2013

Our Randonnée Liberté trip was fabulous:  excellent horses, gorgeous scenery including medieval castles, enchanting towns, delightful countryside, woods, mountains and more.  The proprietors of the gites and chambres d’hôte where we stayed were hospitable, personable and served up wonderful French country cuisine including superb picnic lunches which we relished in a variety of picturesque locations. I highly recommend this trip for those who seek a special adventure and appreciate setting their own pace – we took our time where we pleased and, when we wanted to gallop, we were not constrained by any less daring or less capable riders, as can happen with an unknown group. The only caveat I’d voice is that those who choose the Randonée Liberté must be quite comfortable with the responsibility of caring for their own horses, and commensurate riders who can manage to handle a map, compass, written directions and reins without three hands

Steve Baker July 2013

This vacation in Botswana was the best ever. I have worked in Glacier Park and the Grand Canyon. I have been to Ireland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand. I have ridden for 43 years. I have done endurance riding and shown jumpers. This was the most fun I have ever had on a horse. The lodging was great. The horses were fun. The food was fantastic. We saw every imaginable kind of wild life. The guides knew everything. The owners made us feel welcome. I would go back tomorrow if I could. If you don’t think you would like Africa, you are wrong. Once you go you will never want to go anywhere else. My wife and I took our teenage daughters. They had even more fun that we did.

James Strohacker 2007

My time on safari with Equitours in Kenya was unlike anything I had ever experienced and surpassed my wildest expectations. It was truly the most exquisitely planned and wonderful introduction to Africa that I could have hoped for and is something that I will, and must, do again.

Lynn Kingsley - Sept 2009

I cannot say enough good things about Donegal From the Saddle! The trip was seamless! Dunganaghy is a charming little town, and Arnold’s Hotel is delightful. The owners and staff unfailingly helpful and polite, the food simply fabulous.
The riding portion of the trip was awesome! The horses were amazing – sound, surefooted, willing but calm and responsive. We never had a single reason to complain about any of our mounts. I was not ready for the ride to end and I hope to be able to return in a year or two….

Jeff Henry

I think that I smiled from the moment I popped off the bus at the door of Arnolds Hotel until my return. The hotel was very accommodating and took us each individually up to the barn upon arrival. The rooms were comfortable and the food was quite good as well. Having a room with a view of the harbor was a lovely plus. As was the sunny week! The staff were engaging, professional, and really fun to ride with. Our group was instantly bonded. We had plenty of laughs in the saddle and after. The pubs in the village were warm and hospitable. This trip is one I would do again and bring friends. Thanks for a perfect week.

Melissa Keyes

These are the happiest horses I’ve ever seen! And so smart, sure-footed and honest.

Jodie Smith

Both courses (Anna Twinney and TTouch) were fantastic, in a great location and with wonderful horses.


The Mayan Jungle and Tikal Ride is a perfect combination of riding, exploring Mayan ruins and caves and swimming at the base of waterfalls. The food is excellent and the accommodations are quaint and cozy. There is an endless educational process going on as your guide points out the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest. It is a quick flight from the US and so refreshing to enter their warm climate.

Maxine and Mike Hill

The reason I chose Bitterroot was I wanted to become comfortable on a horse and ride most of the time. Each horse offered a new challenge, but provided a feeling of safety. The lessons were excellent and instructions simple. All the different abilities in the family were catered for.

Nat Hansen

We had an absolutely amazing time and it quickly became clear why guests return and why we have heard such extraordinary compliments of the ranch.

Rebecca Hoppe

The clinic with Anna has opened up a whole new perspective and there is no better place to have experienced this. Your hospitality, kindness, attention and understanding have been second to none; each guest is made to feel welcome as an individual and I have never felt so relaxed.

Judy Erikson

What a fantastic time we had last week at Bitterroot. It was wonderful in every way from the horses, the trail rides, the lessons and the cow sorting, to the beautiful views, the fabulous meals and the cozy cabins.

Beth Cobb

This vacation was one of the most fun, satisfying vacations I have ever had in my life. The wild flowers, scenery, the horses and of course our host are all truly amazing. Everyone in our group was astonished at how well behaved and talented the horses were. Our host took care of all our lodging, food, drinks, horses and trail rides. Our host’s greatest gift of all is her love of horses. I believe the reason they are all so well behaved is because they have someone who understands them.

Mike and Edlyn

Wanted to give you some feedback from our recent trip to Los Potreros. We greatly enjoyed our visit and thought the countryside, horses and tack, meal planning/food, comfortable accommodations and gracious hospitality of the estancia were all wonderful. The very diversified menu at lunch and dinner had some wonderful selections (we had a 20 year old Tawny with cheese and quince one day at dessert – delightful!).

Candace Gladston, July 2010

During this last tolt weekend, the horses were absolutely amazing and the other riders were lovely.  All in all, I had a wonderful two days on horseback and enjoyed the countryside.  A simply terrific vacation.  Thank you again for wonderful horses and caring leaders.

Brooke Aaron, July 2012

I cannot speak highly enough of the host and her family, and of other staff members too! The ride was heavenly in every way.

Jane Juul Kjaer, Sept 2006

We had fun and the scenery was incredibly beautiful.  It is a fairly challenging ride but that was part of the fun.

Betsy Walton, Dec 2009

The guide has a phenomenal knowledge of the area, trails, and attractions to see.  She is very knowledgeable on the local flora and fauna as well as the history of the area.  She was a fantastic guide and trip planner.  Her horses are all extremely well cared for and in excellent physical condition for the rides which were in a variety of terrains.  We had some wonderful long canters through mountains and down quiet trails.  Her facility is immaculate-both the horse and human accommodations are first class!  I would definitely recommend this ride to anyone wanting to experience the “real” look and feel of Australia.

Betty Garrett, March 2011

This ride was more than I had hoped for.  The right horse was picked for the right person.  The tack was proper and the horses were well taken care of.  The accommodations were wonderful and the meals were terrific.  Fantastic memories.  Thanks to the guides’ organization, horse capabilities and knowledge of the country, not to mention the beauty of the country.  It will be hard to improve on this vacation.

Priscilla Friedberg, March 2011

The outfitter is excellent.  His level of organization was superb.  It’s hard to imagine another outfitter being up to his exacting standards.  I was very impressed.  His care of horses and tack was extraordinary and I realized how important that was to me.  The overall organization put into the planning and timing of all the aspects of the ride is nothing short of impressive.  The ride leader was the most wonderful young man I could ever hope to accompany me on a five day ride.  I cannot praise him enough – he’s an absolute jewel.  Thank you so much for one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’ll certainly be back.

Tracey Chapman, May 2012

It was a wonderful trip, scenery, horses, guide were great

Fran & Craig Gander, Oct 2008

The facilities during the Crete Star Trail are some of the nicest I’ve stayed at.  Important things like the bathroom having both a tub and a shower, and good water pressure made it really comfortable.  And that had to be the cleanest, best lit and most organized tack room I think I have EVER seen anywhere!!! Of course, the hosts were perfect at what they do.  I really need to stress how good the food was.  It was probably the best food we had in Greece.

Suzanne & Shawn Brady, Sept 2011

I loved that we did the stationary ride first – very relaxing and got our legs under us.  I wouldn’t miss the 2nd ride (Trail of the Gods) – it was fantastic.  The hotel was so lovely.  Staff treated us like Queen and King.

Andrea Melliadis, Oct 2011

Our guide was awesome!!  Everyone at Country Hotel Villeni was caring, hospitable and accommodating.  The organizers are consummate hosts, who truly care about their visitors.  They also care about their horses, and with the guides’ help and knowledge, provide a nice atmosphere for them in an area where dealing with horses is not easy.  I loved the trip

Pamela Mayer, June 2009

The people were lovely, accommodations nice, horses superb.  Equitours was easy to deal with.

Michelle Cook, May 2011

We had three tour leaders and they were spectacularly knowledgeable (about environment, history of region, current events, horses) and friendly.  I wish I could have stayed longer! The trip by far exceeded my expectations.  And the pictures do NOT do the countryside justice.  It’s breathtaking, the epitome of wild, rugged beauty.

Frances Evans, Aug 2012

The riding tour leader was warm, personable and grand with the horses.

Debra Boudreau, Sept 2011

I was pleased with the quality of the horses and tack.  The daily routes were well planned for variety and timing.  The organizer was flexible, having worked out an arrangement for a short afternoon ride for someone who was feeling ill in the morning.  The Argyle Guest House was comfortable and food abundant.

Sandra Ippolito, May 2011

The hostess was wonderful, warm and accommodating.   We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  The most relaxing vacation in years.  The countryside was beautiful and the easy unhurried atmosphere was very relaxing.  The food was wonderful and plentiful.  I would recommend this trip to any equestrian looking for an unhurried, relaxing bit of French heaven.

Janet Kelly, 2011

Lovely people at guest houses! Beautiful country, diverse terrain.

Sally Rice, 2011

This is my 4th ride.  I loved all, but this one was tops! Really LOVED it!!  The outfitter is very pleasant and accommodating.  All of the hosts were excellent, very caring and willing to visit.

Allison Rhyne, October 2007

I can’t say enough good things about this trip.  My favorite Equitours trip yet

Lisa Shelton, March 2008

We had a wonderful vacation.  At every opportunity we felt well tended to.  We very strongly recommend this trip.

Duncan Patterson, November 2010

The Patagonia Ride far exceeded our expectations on all fronts; the quality of the horses, the accommodations together with the food and the ride itself.  The horses were fat, shinny, obviously well taken care of.  Although well mannered, you did have to know how to ride and everyone on the ride was an experienced rider.  The saddles were comfortable which was a good thing, since we spent up to six hours in them and as such you had to be in fairly good shape.  The ride itself consisted of clamoring over steep rocky terrain and cantering through rolling meadows.  There were spectacular views of the mountains which separate Chile and Argentina.  Most of the time except for seeing deer, the occasional wild boar and emus and of course lots of cattle, you would ride for miles with no signs of civilization.

Marjorie Julian, 2008

The guide was outstanding.  Excellent presentation of meals.  There were comfortable long trots and canters on wonderful little horses.

Carolyn Sealfon, 2006

The guide was an outstanding person and was good at her job as well as being an excellent rider.  We all loved her.

Gisele Fuson, 2008

I had a fantastic time and hope to return to Mongolia next year for the reindeer ride.

Eva Rauramaa, 2008

The 24 year old riding tour leader is just a fantastic young woman.  She also became a good friend.  We all were lucky; our group was just great

Susan Bachman: December 2007

Loved the ride, staff and guides – very well planned.

Marta Goldsmith: December 2009

The staff was enthusiastic, gracious and knowledgeable.  They tailored the ride to our riding level and interest and were always attentive and helpful.

Alane Becket: December 2007

Tristan, the organizer, is accommodating, knowledgeable, generous and fun.  Ride NOT for unfit or timid riders.

Andrea Zampella: December 2007

The host makes the ride extra special

Diane Dulken: February 2006

Thanks for the MAGNIFICENT trip – it really was amazing and the experience seeped into my soul.  I feel privileged to have experienced the African bush by horseback – to be immersed in the landscape, to physically travel through the plains and alongside wildlife, to not see other tourists while riding, to feel the crunch of hoofs against dirt and see the bones and dung (it was a drought, so bare ground visible) as well as animals, to camp luxuriously under the stars and hear the night noises as well as laughter of fellow travelers.  Thank you all.

Lisa Lawson: October 2011

The ride, people and horses were unlike anything I could ever have imagined.  The guide’s vast knowledge and enthusiasm on just about anything was really refreshing.  He could spot a lion two miles away under a rock in a bush.  Our stay at Deloraine was like stepping into the 1920’s “Happy Valley” Kenya.  I honestly never wanted to leave and I almost didn’t.  Thanks again!  I can’t say enough about this ride, changed my life completely

Laura Glasson: February 2012

We had the most fantastic time in the Mara, definitely the trip of a lifetime. We were so well looked after by all the staff.  The wildlife put on a real show – we were lucky enough to see the big five.  Galloping alongside the giraffe was amazing.

Dr Schildbach, Nov 2008

As an old-timer, trail rider and a business consultant by trade I am desperate: I can’t think of any suggestions to improve this ride – everything about it is perfect, at least to my taste

Alex Anderson, March 2006

The trip hosts strike an unusual and delightful balance between professionalism and relaxed informality. Our group especially appreciated the extent to which they opened their home to us and joined us for all meals. All support staff was also excellent.

Robert Moore, Feb 2011

Valle de Bravo, Mexico is a great riding destination, with or without the Monarch butterflies. What makes this ride so special is the hospitality and the food. The hosts are wonderful and gracious, their home, our home, is very comfortable and the food was terrific. The high point was sitting on a rock overlooking a beautiful valley, in the middle of a wilderness while eating a gourmet 5 course meal, which was cooked over an open fire. I would like to come back just to relax, enjoy the hospitality and the food.

Karen Schudson, Oct 2010

The hosts were fabulous – food, culture, knowledge – a total package! Best accommodations also.

Cynthia Craig 2012

The ride in Mexico was such an exquisite experience. I would gladly talk to any prospective riders who are thinking about going to Mexico. How safe I felt with the hosts who are outstanding leaders, what amazing horses they have trained, delicious food and interesting scenery. I’m so thankful to Equitours for turning us on to their amazing establishment

Tammy Martin

I loved this ride! This was one of the best rides I have experienced for training, the level was phenomenal

Paula Hyman

Not only was the riding above and beyond what I could have ever imagined… I felt genuinely welcomed info a family of the most wonderful and hospitable people… the host and his staff really connected to everyone in such a personal way.

Julie Henry

I cannot say enough good things about all members of the Garcia-Dow family; fabulous lunge lessons with Karen. Rafael Soto is magic! The ride was just outstanding.

Cathy Christiansen Felter

The host was great in matching the horses with the riders; he was very knowledgeable, fun and generous with information. The trail rides were easy to intermediate and the staff tailored the dressage instruction to the level of the student.

Barbara Lassa

My trip to New England with Vitor Silva was a 10  I can’t begin to tell you what a perfect trip it was. Vitor and Julie are amazing, as are their staff. The horses are beyond amazing, I fell in love with all of them… I wanted to go to a riding school were I could immerse myself and learn… I left wanting more… this couldn’t have been more perfect and I plan to go back. I can’t wipe the smile off of my face and my heart is full…

Kristin Soares

… I actually could feel the change in my riding and the horse’s way of going – I experienced collection and lightness. 2nd ride of 3rd day – final for the trip – was absolutely amazing – sitting on and assisting a horse while the instructor guided him through all of the movements of a Grand Prix test – wow! – I was hooked – and by then I was getting a little more comfortable in my surroundings – I didn’t want to leave. Now to start saving my pennies do do it all over again

Annie Reece

This trip was awesome. It was the most physically strenuous one I have ever been on and I loved it! Lots of fast trots, canters and gallops, beautiful surroundings. Awesome! ***** 5 star.

Don and Kathy Walsh

We found every ride a delight and the guides and hosts just excellent.

Kathy and Bill Herder

Loved every minute. Great staff, accommodations, horses, weather. A perfect vacation.

Maggie Wright

The incredible hospitality of the Hosts should be commended. The horses were excellent and perfectly matched to the riders, truly an awesome experience.

Jacquie Berkshire

The hospitality of the hosts — feline, equine, bovine and human — is unequaled! The social history, sighting of 36 different birds, hearing the political and agricultural perspectives richly enhanced my experience. This should be a MUST for any lover of horses, animals and nature.

Debby Zarate

I was very impressed by the beauty and size of the guesthouse and rooms, the stable and grounds. Very professional and first class all the way. Instruction was excellent. All stable personnel was helpful and professional as well. The barn was clean, tack excellent, riding arena beautiful, and the schoolhorses the best! Wow

Beth Hageman

The guide was excellent and used his horsemanship, wit, humor, song and poetic talent to provide the perfect background to a ride with spectacular scenery, unique experiences, and above all – great fun

Lou and Susan Consalvo

What surprised us the most–because it wasn’t stressed in the information–was the varied and spectacular scenery. We had no idea that our camps would be that gorgeous and isolated. We didn’t realize that the trails would travel through such a fascinating variety of terrains and even climates. Our views of Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon were amazing. It was the most primitive and pristine trail ride we could imagine. An unforgettable trip, we would go again tomorrow.

Shirley McSweeney

This was the best Equitours ride for me to date. It had challenging bush wacking, exciting long runs and spectacular views. PERFECT

Iris Kusneraitis

I feel very fortunate and privileged to have shared this experience. The Navajo culture was fascinating and the history of the people both interesting and sad. I really felt I was in a different world in the Canyon de Chelly and the Canyon del Muerto.

Beth Hageman

Dustin said it best, “Even if I were a millionaire, I would wake up each morning, care for my cattle, rope off my horse, and know there is no better place to raise my family.” This cowboy attitude is what made our country great, and I got to experience it firsthand as a working rider moving their herd to summer pastures. My advice, don’t miss out on this cattle drive adventure that is beginning to vanish from the western landscape.

Mary Looman

I have been on many adventure vacations over the past 20 years – this was the best ever: Challenging but the hosts made it seem easy; educational; lots of fun; food & campsite top notch; horses were well behaved, very well trained & very well cared for; there was not one cuss word, harsh language or even a raised, irritated voice the entire week, just laughter, joy & compliments

John Connelly

Few events in life play out as advertised. The Grand Canyon Winter Pastures is an exception. It was a great adventure in truly incredible country in the company of decent and competent people. The horses did things I would not have thought possible and the daily events were handled with aplomb, with cool dispatch, with humor, and with complete competence.

Diane and John Samatican

We consider this ride to be one of the best vacations we have ever had. Besides the spectacular scenery, we also greatly enjoyed the evenings by the campfire – chatting, story telling and great meals. Can’t say enough good things about this adventure.

Lisa Emmons

The host and guides bent over backwards to accommodate all in the group to ensure everyone had a pleasurable riding trip. I can’t say enough good things about the food – beyond excellent, the staff and the guides. I would recommend this trip highly, and am looking forward to trying another Equitours trip.

Karen Dunn

The horses were all very well mannered and well kept. The ride itself was interesting with beautiful scenery. We were there at a perfect time, as the woods were in full bloom with dogwoods, red buds, wild azaleas and wild flowers everywhere! As to the accommodations and food, I can’t say enough nice things. The lodge owners were great hosts and made our stay delightful. By the end of the week, we felt like family. I guess by now, you know that we enjoyed this ride immensely and would recommend it to anyone

S. Heinlein

Susan was wonderful. Extremely friendly and welcoming. I felt right at home from the beginning.

C. Conrad

I can’t say enough about Susan, her attention to detail was outstanding. I never wanted for anything. The food was superb, Nancy is a wonderful cook… best collard greens and peach cobbler I’ve had. Mo was a terrific guide, knowledgeable and patient. She gave us challenges but assessed risk well. Nancy’s horses were even tempered, sure footed and a joy to ride… Dorrie was interesting, friendly, knowledgeable and a good trail companion. I would recommend this group and rides to anybody… Thanks for a great time.

Connie Huffman

If Zen can be achieved on a horse, it is on this trip that it happens. The host and his staff are caring, compassionate, professional horseman that exceed your expectations at every turn. This was truly an incredible adventure.

Barbara Shea

This was my first horseback riding vacation and won’t be the last. The food was excellent and prepared as if we were royalty. I felt completely safe and taken care of.

Lin Ward

How my friend Edith and I ever managed to pick this trip is beyond me but we really hit the jackpot. It was an exceptional ride. I could not have had a better horse who was well trained, had quality and was a horse that I could truly enjoy forging a strong partnership with. The host is an exceptional guide with strong leadership skills, amazing ability with horses, excellent communication skills and interpersonal relationship management. That sounds so business-like but she was a truly enjoyable and well respected guide for our whole group. The area that we rode in was not only beautiful but remote and untouched. I felt like I have had a very close look at Spain and got a real feel for the culture and life in Spain even though we only covered about 100 miles. … Thank you for connecting me with this adventure. It puts a big smile on my face every time I think of moments on the ride. What can be better then standing with your horse, looking miles over the Sierra Nevada mountains with a light breeze blowing, under a fig tree that dapples the sunlight on your face. I have memories for life.

Eleanor Bravo

The horses were extraordinary and I really enjoyed the host. What an incredible, knowledgeable and interesting person.

Robin Diallo

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU! My week at Epona was magical. I had pretty high expectations – but the week exceeded every one of them! The horses, the instruction, the FOOD, the lodging…it was incredible. I did things on a horse I never dreamed of. Wow…it was really special.

Pat Koford

This ride for me was the best Equitours vacation I have taken so far. Very happy with all aspects – would be eager to go back and bring along some friends. A great ride – somewhat of a challenge – lots of trots, canters, gallops – wonderful well-conditioned horses. Loved it

Lynn Hopkins

The region is very interesting for its primitive and ancient culture, yet very clean and comfortable. Great way to see a part of Europe not accessible unless willing to hike or bike for miles.

Patti Brewer & Nick Giustina

We went to Alcainca for dressage lessons on Lusitano horses. The horses were beautiful and so well trained. They were happy, well fed, and their coats glistened. The instruction was great and challenging and I learned a lot. Everyone at Alcainca was kind and we were so well taken care of. The food all home cooked and healthy. We met some wonderful people from other countries who will be friends for life. Thanks so much for the wonderful arrangements.

Pam Cohen

Again I enjoyed my stay at Alcainca. This was my fourth visit and I was as well taken care of as my first visit. I cannot say enough about both the instructors; their dedication to helping riders understand the need for good position in the saddle that goes hand in hand with the straightness and forwardness required of the horse.

Joan Worrall

We just returned from the Seven Castles ride – everything about the experience far exceeded my expectations. Your host and staff were wonderful and the meals, including the picnics were always special. I would highly recommend the ride – lovely, well-cared for horses, postcard scenery, good company, ‘seat savers’ – we really enjoyed ourselves

Linda Giannino

Your host and her staff in Italy are the definition of “hospitality”…. We feel as if we left behind a special family – and it was our privilege to have been a part of their lives if only for a week.

Lynn Hartmann

Wonderful atmosphere a gracious, clever host. Would certainly do this ride again. The host wisely leaves the horse care to his very capable staff and tends to his guests in a most charming way.

Judy Keller

This was a wonderful ride with great horses, well cared for and ready to go! The accommodations were spacious, comfortable, charming and clean. The host was wonderful, considerate and entertaining. Can’t say enough about the food – fabulous! I would definitely recommend this trip to friends. Oops – of course the scenery was gorgeous.

Susie Allison-Litton

This was my first riding vacation and it was AWESOME!! Beyond my wildest dreams. ‘Your host’ is a wonderful horsewoman, a charming and organized hostess, and very knowledgeable about all things Tuscan. I did not expect to get the best Italian language lesson or art history tours I’ve every experienced on a riding vacation, but that’s your host. The food and wine were fantastic. The setting in gorgeous. The horses are lovely and very well trained.

Deborah Gage

What made the trip for us was the family, who were FABULOUS. They made the ride very special and personal, and got us away from the crowds whenever they could by leading us on shepherds’ trails. We saw one or two other groups riding with outfitters along the way, who were clearly being ‘packaged’, and thanked our lucky stars that we had found Equitours.

Carrie Croton

The Icelandic Horses were superb. Their performance and steadiness was awe inspiring to me. The organizers and guide were also very impressive, low key on top of everything, also nice people.


We saw the operations of other outfitters on the trail. Don’t ever think about switching outfitters. This family, Joon(father), Nicole (mother), Anita (tour leader and daughter) and her friend and assistant, Klemie, exhibit love and kindness to each other and their horses and this attitude reflects itself completely in every aspect of the trip including the attention given to every participant. I can’t speak highly enough about the entire experience. I call it “trip of a lifetime”

Beth Hageman

The uniqueness of the country, its people, and its horses are captured in this riding adventure as you trek upon these gentle horses through pristine, rugged and majestic landscapes of this beautiful land called Iceland. There is no detail overlooked by Anita and her family to ensure that every day is a lasting memory for every rider. I loved Iceland


I really enjoyed this ride-the horses were wonderful, tough, and willing. Our hosts were outstanding; I can’t say enough about how helpful, pleasant, and professional they were. They were also truly concerned that we had a good ride, but perfectly willing to let us enjoy ourselves as we wished. The food at the hotel where we ate for five nights was GREAT-local dishes well prepared. The ride route was well marked…the countryside more varied and interesting than expected with rocks, climbs, drops, stairs, and olive groves…

Eve Brooks

The food was always excellent and plentiful, as was the wine. The trails were beautiful and each day had something special. This is however, not a trip for persons seeking a luxurious vacation. Rather it is a great value for those who love horses, the outdoors, good food and great company. It was a marvelous experience and fully met my expectations and more.

Philipa Corning

…It is fabulous – guides, scenery, equitation center, hotels, cuisine, horses and experience. Indeed, this is a ride that is worth more than the money charged for it. This was the greatest experience of my life. Good company, good food, good humor, and above all, a true caring for people and animals…..


Thank you a thousand times for you, your horses and the magnifique excursion!! I would like to return one day.


I have traveled extensively and I have to say that I was blown away by some of the places we stayed. The personal welcome by the hosts, the tours of their homes, the jaw-dropping beauty of the rooms were outstanding. I love history, so was enthralled to hear about historical events which took place there. It was as if the French Revolution was a few years ago. I appreciated very much the care and attention that the guide took to provide us with lodging that had character. The riding was very interesting as we passed through many different types of countryside, and a highlight was the wine tasting in a troglodyte cave. Another: cantering beside the river.


It was a wonderful experience, not only for the horses and riding, which was excellent, but for the journey to heart of the Loire, including such wonderful experiences of the local people, history and culture. Our guide was wonderful in every way. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and certainly hope to do another ride one day with him. Thank you for a most memorable holiday and experience.

Robert Savarese

The route selected was wonderful with plenty of variety ~ vineyards, small towns, chateaux visits, fortress stop and lunch, river crossing by ferry (the nautical term ‘poop deck’ was taken literally by every single horse, but our guide was prepared with broom and shovel), meadows, sandy lanes and the Atlantic Ocean. Time on paved roads was minimal. There was a nice balance between riding time in the morning and afternoon and the gourmet lunch breaks that gave participants ample time to relax and to enjoy themselves. Very nice pace throughout the trip. The chateaux visits and wine tasting sessions were excellent, with a good balance between well known houses and small chateaux that produce delicious local wines. In summary, an extraordinary and professionally managed ride that was well designed and flawlessy executed. Highly recommended.

Heidi Crane

I can’t come up with enough superlatives to describe this trip. The hosts were the greatest. All of us on the trip have vowed to return. What greater compliment is there

Richard and Virginia Beards

This was just as described; everything about it was first rate. Each day was varied and pleasurable.

Jane Kellogg

Excellent trekking horses, quality tack, gorgeous terrain, delicious food, great staff, comfortable accommodations — a first class Equitours experience. Highly recommended.

Sandy and Chico

The Uruguay trip is a real winner! We were totally embraced by the hospitality of our hosts and their eagerness to make our riding holiday the best it could be. We can’t wait to go back. The people, the country and the landscape are totally unspoiled. The mild climate and beautiful green open spaces are perfect for riding.

Megyn Craine

It was evident that the ride organizer loves what he does, which made the experience that much more pleasurable. His charm and wit along with the panoramic landscape, excellent food and accommodations made for a perfect experience. His small staff were very pleasant, highly organized and made us feel like part of the family.

Mary Read

This Equitour was of the highest quality – well organized, great quality horses, all well cared for. The staff was exceptional. The “finca” was gorgeous. The home cooked meals were outstanding. Mexican food can never be so good again…We had time to explore the city and the kids loved the para-sailing, too. A fabulous vacation

Marika Gerhart

I am having a lovely time, and simple adore the staff here. They are like family… We went out to lunch into town the other day and met a wonderful woman who was so funny and made us delicious food but only spoke Spanish so that was wonderful practice. I’m really enjoying myself, and trust the staff completely.

Laura Exum

The horses get an A+ for being nice, solid, nontemperamental mounts that were fantastically physically fit. I didn’t see a single horse I would not have willingly ridden and been happy with. The entourage of helpers, both horse helpers and people helpers, were also super. Courtesy and attentiveness were the norm. The guide did a great job of communicating the information we needed without overwhelming us with too much at once. I really liked going from one hacienda to the next, and this allowed us to experience a part of Ecuador that would have been unavailable in regular international type hotels. Overall, it was a great tour, and a wonderful vacation.

Marian Pohley

The leader was a jewel. He made us feel like a part of his extended family. He was capable and always ensured that we were happy and our trip was very enjoyable. He seemed to have a great rapport not only with us but with all the individuals he dealt with. Everyone loved our horse master at Maravilla. He played a big part in making that part of the trip a great experience. He was wonderful with the horses and with the guests. All the staff we dealt with was efficient. But more importantly they made us feel special. Everywhere we went, all the Costa Rican people were friendly and seemed happy to see us. I had a wonderful time and would highly recommend it to all my friends

Elsie Beachey

This adventure wasn’t long enough. I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed Costa Rica. It was just awesome. I loved the monkeys, birds, butterflies – just everything.

Karen Eaton and David Rigsby

We rode through rivers and up steep rocky slopes, down slippery hills and across grassland cleared for cattle. We galloped on the black sand beaches, pausing to watch scarlet macaws play along the shore. Our guide was also fantastic. He pointed out all the wildlife and would call for the birds to appear. It was a great vacation, and was made so by our intelligent, strong, and responsive horses and our capable guides.

Ann de Matteo

Their horses were wonderful, possibly made of iron. The diversity of the riding and scenery makes this ride the gold standard of trips, I think. We will definitely return to South America, but the Glacier Estancia trip in Chile will be hard to beat

Susan Rioff

Such a warm and welcoming family of ranchers/farmers, both owners and helpers alike. Totally beautiful place. Totally wonderful people.

Katherine Dymond

I just wanted to let you know how the trip was, and thanks for helping to make it happen. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Wallace Venable

We did not expect the level of local expertise on the local ecology in Belize which our hosts and guides had. My wife is an enthusiastic and experienced bird watcher. The family has been locally instrumental in developing bird, mammal and butterfly lists and has a variety of bird feeders around the Cantina. You should spread the word that this is a good destination for non-riding wildlife enthusiasts.

Deborah Ann Hu

Riding out from the dense canopy into the open valley of the Vega in Belize, wild parrots chattering in the trees, loose horses grazing in the grass that covered their knees – cantering through there was just magnificent – made me feel glad to be alive and privileged to be on horseback.

James Payne

My ride in Argentina and Chile has been one of my best life experiences… The horses provided on the trip were exceptional… The geography, flora, and fauna which one sees is only enhanced by the experience that horseback riding gives you. The services provided to us as riders made our ride even more unique. I would urge anyone to not put off taking this wonderful trip. The memories will last you a lifetime.

Richard and Hadley Fox

Our group ranged in ability from complete beginner (been on a horse 4 times) to top level show jumping competitors. Everyone felt well mounted on safe, but exciting steeds. From polo field and gaucho games to trail rides and cattle herding, the horses were engaged and well suited to every task.

Lauren Cannon

Los Potreros was an experience of a lifetime. I plan on returning yearly if possible. They make each ride exciting and unforgettable. The staff made me feel at home and the horses were some of the finest I have ever ridden. This is a vacation I will forever recommend.

Susan Wirth

There are lots of opportunities to meet people and they are incredibly kind and hospitable. It was one of the biggest highlights of the ride for me.

Donna Landry

Having ridden along positively pinching ourselves that we were finally doing what we had for so long longed to do, and that we were not dreaming but actually riding across this beautiful, open, hospitable countryside and seeing so many historical treasures, we can confidently say that we think others would enjoy the experience. Imagine the pleasure of hours in the saddle under a mild September sun, splashing through rivers, riding through shady groves, trotting and cantering along earthen tracks, and stopping in picturesque villages to drink Turkish tea in delicate little glasses with our friendly hosts. What could be better?
– Donna Landry, professor of English at Kent University and well known Ottoman scholar.

Patty Pittman

This trip – the ancient Turkish culture, the exciting horses, the majestic city and countryside – was perfect.

Therese Tardif

This trip, when it comes to the variety and magic of the trails, the historical connotations, the quality of the horses, the tack and the professionalism and experience of Ercihan, is in a class of its own. The accommodations with its terrace overlooking the valley and the balloons rising up each morning was quite outstanding.
At the horse centre the personnel was attentive and helpful, but the greatest surprise was the quality of the food served. Prepared by the chef, it was consistently the best that I had during my whole stay in Turkey.

Lisa Garber

I enjoyed the country and the Indian countryside. The ride was well organized and everyone was interested in making sure we were well taken care of, terrain was not difficult at all – the challenge was in cantering and galloping – it was great fun. The food was good and they were careful of our Western stomachs.

Londa Weisman

The Naguar Fair Ride was a huge pleasure and a rare opportunity, which I hope I’ll have an opportunity to promote, and I certainly plan to do again. Thank you.

Bob Moore

What a great and memorable trip The Naguar Fair Ride was. What you have done with Equitours and the Bitterroot Ranch has made possible some of the finest experiences of my life. Thank you…Your extension looks like it was also a wonderful experience.

Isabelle Pound

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of the Naguar Fair Ride, and the extent and freedom of the riding in India was something we would have never experienced in the UK, or I suspect, anywhere else in the world. I found the places we visited fascinating and atmospheric.

Ed Goldberg

I’m back from the African Explorer, the trip of a lifetime. Please pass my gratitude to everyone at Equitours for making it possible. I took well over 800 photos! Both our stationary stay in South Africa and the mobile safari in Botswana were outstanding. The  horses were AMAZING! I can’t say enough. Thanks again.

Florence Bautista

I have nothing but respect and admiration for the horses we rode: tough as nails, impossibly agile and sure-footed, fit and enduring beyond belief, reliable and safe, and with great personalities. As for our guide she proved to be an exceptional woman. Her ferocious love of Namibia, her knowledge of the country’s history, culture, flora and fauna, her wonderful sense of humor, her quiet leadership, her politeness and the way she cared for us and her horses made me feel like a friend of the family.

Nancy Hutson

The scenery and horses are spectacular. I fell in love with the desert and thought the pace of the ride was challenging, but exhilarating.

Daphne Chester

I had the most fantastic time in Africa. The trip that you put together was simply unbelievable. I loved every minute of the three rides that I did and they were truly each a once in a life time experience. I could not recommend them more highly…

Justyn Vogel

My mom and I had the most amazing time in Mozambique. Out of all of the rides we have done in the world this has been my very favorite… For those looking for a relaxing and beautiful vacation on the beaches of Vilanculos with opportunity to ride every day, snorkel, fish, dive and so many other great activities, please send them as a client. Thank you for listing this ride on your website.

John Beardsley

Sosian was fantastic: great horses, good footing, excellent wildlife, good food. The host was really wonderful, and those in the office were also very nice. They gave me a really fine horse to ride, and a good jumper. Some great rides among the giraffes and avoiding the elephants. Saw leopards for the first time, and walking to/swimming in the river was a great way to spend the middle of the day.

Debi Salmon

I can’t say enough good things about the Tuli Safari. It was a fantastic trip, far exceeding our expectations for comfort and the abundance of wildlife we saw. The daily mix of exhilaration and comfort made for an unforgettable experience.

Kathleen Deutsch

At the end of our trip, we spent 2 nights at a luxurious lodge in Kruger National Park, and despite the luxurious accommodations and 5 star facilities, it didn’t come close to comparing to our experience in Botswana. In fact, after being on horseback for 10 days, the jeep safaris seemed too passive (almost boring), and even though we could view the animals at incredibly close distances because they are so acclimated to people, we found this a bit odd, almost like they weren’t wild animals any more. Bottom line is that if I return to southern Africa, I will definitely return to the Okavango and I think I’d have to go by horse again.

Bob Moore

Picture a perfect day galloping through a foot of water on a wonderful Arab mare after a thundering herd of antelope.


Thanks for yet another fantastic trip. It was great to be back with you doing the guiding on your horses – it made us realize how much we have missed it. Your new safari in the Pans is a real winner – the combination of the wildlife, guiding, horses and sheer beauty of the landscape we rode through was mesmeric. It is a wonderful unique place…

Ellen Briggs May 2013

We had a wonderful time. The horses were so well trained, yet lively and eager to go at any pace, so it was exciting riding yet I felt secure. The food and wine were of exceptionally good quality; and the picnic lunches were amazing! The scenery, hotel accommodations and chateau visits were great and all logistical arrangements were seamless.