Here on the edge of the Arctic Circle man has not been able to tamper with nature much. The land is still unspoiled and little changed since the arrival of the first humans. There are over 200 volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, snow-covered mountains, green valleys and roaring waterfalls.

Horseback riding in Iceland is an integral part of the traditional Icelandic scene and the naturally gentle Icelandic horse provides excellent riding opportunities — especially through the wild and otherwise inaccessible areas of Iceland. A purebred descendant of its Viking ancestors, the Icelandic horse is a product of isolation and a thousand years of breeding for good riding qualities, resulting in a gentle, friendly disposition and calm manner that make them a delight for anyone to ride. Their two unique gaits, the tölt and the pace, provide a remarkably smooth way to travel over rugged terrain, making long hours in the saddle more comfortable. The tölt is what makes riding Icelandics such a pleasure, with its flowing 4-beat gait providing the sensation of floating while being seated firmly in the saddle.

  Peak Season

May, June, July , August, September

  Timezone in Iceland

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

  International Airports

Keflavík Airport (Icelandic: Keflavíkurflugvöllur) (KEF), also known as Reykjavík–Keflavík Airport

Climate in Iceland

Iceland enjoys a cool, temperate climate due to it’s location between the polar and Gulf Stream air currents. The afternoon temperature in mid-summer is generally between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. From the end of May until the beginning of August, each day is nearly twenty-four hours of perpetual daylight.
Those who find it hard to sleep in daylight should consider bringing a sleeping mask.
Expect rain showers several times a day, especially in the south of Iceland. The weather is subject to change very abruptly and therefore raingear and extra clothing are important for this ride. Plan to dress warmly and wear layers. In the highlands rain may be briefly mixed with sleet or snow.

  Average Temperature

60 °F » 30 °F


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Fjallabak Tour- ride Icelandic horses on this equestrian holiday in Iceland

Fjallabak Tour

Ride in the “land of fire and ice” on this tour that enables you to experience them in depth.  Wild volcanic landscapes next to snow-capped mountains, vast lava deserts... Read more

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Discover Iceland

This itinerary combines riding the famous Icelandic horses in the southern agricultural area and western part of Iceland. On the transfer to West Iceland you visit Thingvellir National Park... Read more

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It was a wonderful ride in every way. Stefnir and Anita are the loveliest and hardest-working people I think I have ever met. They treat their beautiful horses with love and terrific care and attention. Their tack was in perfect condition. Stefnir answered endless questions about Iceland's history, culture and geography. Anita... Read more  

Gruber, May 2019

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