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Zanzibar, the Spice Island Extension


The perfect complement to a horseback riding adventure in Tanzania is spending time on Zanzibar, the spice island. An independent sultanate for centuries, it was the center of trade between Africa and Arabia. The dhows came in on the monsoon wind and when the wind turned departed with slaves, ivory and spices. Explore the old town, then move to the beach and enjoy snorkeling and diving on the coral reef in the clear, warm waters of the Indian Ocean during this extended vacation in Zanzibar. This extension is available to book for groups of 6 or more.

Spend one night in Stone Town and three nights in Matembwe.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in the afternoon to the Island, where you will be picked up at the airport and taken to Emerson & Spice. Spend the afternoon exploring Stone Town and apart from walking the streets and experience the old Swahili town there is also time for some souvenir shopping. In the evening your organizer will treat everyone for a 5 course traditional dinner, served on Emerson & Spice well known roof top veranda. Cocktail hours start from 6PM and make sure to be there before 7PM for dinner. For those who still like to explore more, a recommendation would be to visit the late hour market at the harbor. It’s very local and it feels like you become one with the Zanzibarians. The best thing would be to ask someone from the hotel to accompany you there to make the most out of it.

Day 2

Late morning departure to the beach. Arrive in paradise and enjoy a relaxed afternoon or book one of the many trips that the place offers.
The package is B&B basis, keeping the option opened for lunch and dinner to visit many of the local nearby restaurants.

Day 3

Spend the day relaxing on the beach, enjoying some snorkeling or diving, or playing some volleyball.

Day 4

After breakfast there’s a small move to the sister lodge, only 35 minutes drive away, located on top of cliffs with a magnificent view. For those who enjoy diving, snorkeling or any other water sport, this is the best place to experience the deep blue.

Day 5

Enjoy your breakfast overlooking the Indian Ocean. The day to leave has come and it’s once again time to pack your bags. Then there’s a vehicle transfer to the airport where the plane is waiting to fly across the Indian Ocean. Only one hour later, you will land at Kilimanjaro International airport. Here you connect with your international flight.
For those who have many hours before departure, day rooms nearby can be arranged.

Itinerary Addendum

**This itinerary is flexible. Changes may occur due to weather or other unexpected events.**

Trip Map

Trip Dates & Pricing

This extension can take place following any ride in Tanzania. Prices are based on using a charted flight following the Lake Natron Safari; may be adjusted if following other rides. Prices also may vary depending on accommodations used and total number of participants.
Additional Pricing Information:
As number of guests decreases, the cost increases. Consult Equitours for details of pricing for two to five people.

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Zanzibar, the Spice Island Extension
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My horse had a good strong walk, was comfortable and fit: perfect. Long gallops were a blast. While camping, the Milky way overhead was a halo on our piece of heaven. I wouldn't change a single moment of our adventure.

George Richardson, 2014