Johnny Walker: My Much Beloved Mount in Kenya

For me one of the pleasures of riding in locations around the world is getting to know the horses local to each region. India has the courageous Marwari horses that were bred for war and have endurance, heart, and agility. Spain has the Andalusians, perfect for the rigors of dressage with their supreme athleticism and sophistication. Our riding safari in Kenya requires a very brave and reliable horse with both stamina and fortitude. The trip involves long hours in the saddle, beautiful yet rough terrain, and frequent encounters with wildlife (sometimes ferocious). Only a very special horse can thrive in this environment.


My mount on this safari, Johnny Walker, an old friend from previous trips, matched all of the necessary criteria. Johnny Walker has an obvious love for adventure and approaches each ride with his ears pointed forward in interest and his neck craning to find out what lies beyond the next acacia tree. What a pleasure to ride a horse that is having so much fun himself! Do you have a favorite horse from an Equitours ride?

Richard Fox