Mozambique featured in CNN’s Inside Africa

The amazing story of our organizers of the Beach Safari in Mozambique was recently featured on CNN. Watch the three sections below for in glimpse of how they made the journey from Zimbabwe to settle themselves and their horses on the Mozambique coast, as featured in their book, One Hundred and Four Horses.

Part One: A Horse Odyssey
Land redistribution programs in Mugabe-era Zimbabwe saw Pat and Mandy Retzlaff pushed off their farm at the turn of the century. With their animals and those abandoned by their neighbors, the Retzlaffs set off for a new life in Mozambique with 104 horses in tow.
Part Two: Big dogs with big teeth
To the people of Vilankulo on the coast of Mozambique, the Retzlaffs’ horses were a new proposition.
Part Three: A new life for Zimbabwe’s rescued horses
Pat and Mandy Retzlaff’s horses now enjoy beach life in Mozambique.