My Andes Ride on a Peruvian Stallion

Riding High In the Andes

At the end of August I found myself traveling the Altiplano high in the Peruvian Andes in the Cusco area. I had been selling the Sacred Valley of the Incas Ride since Eddie, our outfitter in Peru, started with Equitours many years ago. Not only was this Andes ride something to anticipate but now I could finally experience first hand the beauty and awe of the ruins of the Machu Picchu.

Over the years I had only the best reviews from our clients and was very excited to undertake this wonderful adventure myself. The amazing Peruvian Paso horses on this ride had been praised by my clients repeatedly, and a horse named Misti had run like a red thread through their narratives. I felt very privileged that Eddie granted my wish and let me ride this noble steed. Misti is an incredibly smooth gaited Peruvian Paso Stallion with impeccable manners. Like all Pasos, he was strong, sure-footed and had a gentle disposition. The comfortable Paso Llano (four beat) gait of Misti took me over rolling hills, rocky cliffs, streams and natural depressions with ease. Upon his back I felt like royalty. Thank you, Misti, for the ride of a lifetime.Misti

Peruvian horses have been bred for centuries for their Paso Llano gait which is extremely comfortable and makes them ideal for covering the long distances on this ride without discomfort for the rider. The Paso Llano consists of a permanent four beat, harmonic and rhythmic tapping in which the horse makes a gentle alternating movement. What better way to discover Peru but in the company of that national treasure, the Peruvian Paso.


Ride Review by Biggi Hayes