A “must read” memoir for horse lovers written by our Mozambique outfitter.

One Hundred and Four Horses

Equitours works with fascinating and inspiring riding tour outfitters all over the world but the story of Mandy and Pat Retzlaff, our Mozambique operators, is one of the most heart-touching, uplifting, and certainly unique. Mandy Retzlaff has written a memoir of their experiences that is a must read for anyone that has loved a horse.

As Zimbabwe descended into violent turmoil around them, the Retzlaffs’ vowed to rescue horses abandoned in the chaos and ultimately settled in Mozambique, bringing with them as many horses as possible. “One Hundred and Four Horses: A Memoir of Farm and Family, Africa and Exile”  is a love story and an epic tale of survival and unbreakable bonds—those that hold us to land and family, but also those between man and the most majestic of animals, the horse. The book is available on Amazon, or better yet, we invite you to visit the Retzlaffs for a riding vacation in Mozambique.

Early Praise for “One Hundred Four Horses”:

One Hundred and Four Horses is a breathless adventure . . . an incredible story of a family that decided the lives of the animals they loved was worth risking their own. . . . You will mourn and celebrate with [Retzlaff] at every step along the way.” (Conor Grennan, New York Times bestselling author of Little Princes)

“After reading One Hundred and Four Horses, the phrases “horse rescue” and “let’s make a plan” have new meaning. This is a compelling, touching and sometimes grisly account, and to read it is to understand in a new way the power of the horse-human bond.” (Lawrence Scanlan, author of Wild About Horses: Our Timeless Passion for the Horse)