Riding in Japan

Please enjoy these testimonials from the Samurai Ride.

For those who want an inside experience in Japan this is the trip. Everything you do is part of getting to know a foreign culture. And there are things that you will do that you will not find that anyone else has ever done, and it’s fun!! There are no adequate words to appropriately describe cherry blossom time in Japan. You have to be there to really appreciate its significance and beauty. The country also sets the high water mark for cleanliness. The first stable, in the hills, had limited land but we had loads of very good trots and canters. The second place we rode ended on a 6k beach which offered you your choice of speed. Everyone we were in contact with made me feel at home and that they could not do enough to make sure we were having a very good time. – Gitterman, 2017

My daughter and I had a marvelous time in Japan. It was a medium to well-experienced rider trail ride for a week on good quarter horses through forests of bamboo and mixed trees including the deservedly famous flowering Cherry trees. We had picnics in meadows with beautiful vistas in Mt. Aso National Park. We had lots of long gallops, including on the beach, and were always in sight of the surrounding mountains. The food and the accommodations at local inns were excellent, and tailored to our individual tastes. I heartily recommend this ride! – Duke, 2017