Riding in Zimbabwe

Written by Mel Fox

I was initially attached to the ride in Zimbabwe due to its location in southern Africa and good connections. Since it is a shorter itinerary it works well as an add on to other rides and provides its own unique experience.

A view of Victoria Falls

A big draw is Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World. It was only a half hour drive from our small, charming lodge with a very active waterhole; impala, eland, zebra, elephant and baboons all visited during our stay. Daily rides through the mopane woodland let to close encounters with a variety of big game, including large herds of buffalo. A highlight was tracking black rhino and we saw a total of 8 of these highly endangered animals during our stay. Most of the ride is quite slow, meandering through the bush looking for tracks, but there were some exhilarating trots and canters along sandy tracks. Our guide, Alison, is a native Zimbabwean who has managed to survive through all the political turmoil and has many fascinating tales to tell.