Scouting trip to Australia

My scouting trip to Noosa, Australia was fantastic. Equitours has secured another great ride to add to our repertoire of offerings. This ride which we have called the Sunshine Coast Inn to Inn, offers a fantastic assortment of riding from state forests,to farming, to beach rides and cattle work. It is not for the total beginner although novice riders can certainly join and request instruction along the way from owner and Olympian, Alex Watson.
The steeds, Australian Stock Horses, are well cared for and very sweet to ride. They work hard, are comfortable and forward and have a loving side to their personality. The accommodations you are transported to are comfortable and the food is abundant, fresh and varied. The area offers an excellent base for travel around Australia as it is only 2 hours from Brisbane and close to Fraser Island and The Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.