The Return to Tanzania

Upon the conclusion of his second ride in Tanzania, George Richardson describes his appreciation for the experience.

For more on this incredible trip, please see Mel Fox’s photo slideshow.

Having so thoroughly enjoyed the Lake Natron ride in 2014, I wondered if I might expect too much of this year’s Kilimanjaro adventure. Not to worry…all expectations were once again exceeded beyond description!

For me the highlights of the horse safari from Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Kenyan border started with one of the finest horses I’ve had the privilege to ride: the rock-solid and gallant Phoenix. What a horse, and what fun galloping with wildebeest and giraffe across those wonderful pans.

Our close encounter with the elephants and their young calf was another great thrill. As their trunks sniffed our air and they shambled and trumpeted a few steps forward they more than demonstrated their protective nature for their own. What magnificent creatures and a moment I will always remember.

The second leg to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas was its own special experience, which I would heartily recommend to everyone as a great extension in East Africa.

Then to return to the Serengeti and the mobile “camp” (I hesitate to describe the luxury of the operation as “camping”) to witness the wildebeest calving was an amazing topper.

Besides putting us on lion, leopard and cheetah, I was very excited to view the rarely-seen honey badgers. By my calculation, the horse safari and game drives produced sightings of more than 40 different mammals and 70 birds, not to mention the various reptiles, butterflies, etc.

Every moment was a treasure which I will savor until my next return. Please accept my appreciation to you and your staff for a fantastic two weeks.


George Richardson

George Richardson, pictured here with gorilla in Rwanda

George Richardson, pictured here with gorilla in Rwanda